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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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2014-15 editor applications

Please submit completed applications to Katie Pohlman by email at no later than Saturday, April 12 at 5 p.m.

Campus Life

The Campus Life editor is largely responsible for generating enterprise and long-form news. The Campus Life editor will work with reporters and occasionally other section editors to develop Long Reads contributions. He/She will cover all local events, people and activities that do not fall under the MOVE, University News or Student Organizations sections. Coverage in this section may include life stories, faculty research, social trends and student interest stories. The Campus Life editor with work cooperatively with University News, Student Organizations, and City, State and Nation editors to make up The Maneater’s news coverage.

Application: Campus life editor

City, State and Nation

The City, State and Nation editor is responsible for the entirety of the Outlook section. He/She covers all news pertaining to the city of Columbia, state of Missouri and national issues as they affect students. This includes politics and Columbia Police and Fire departments. With the help of beat writers, he/she will find and assign hard news content for the website and pursue feature and issue stories for print. The CSN editor will work cooperatively with the University News, Student Organizations and Campus Life editors to make up The Maneater’s news coverage.

Application: City, state and nation editor


The copy chief is the last person in a long chain of editing to revise all copy in the newspaper before it reaches the production staff. Eliminating errors, ensuring consistency in copy, noting frequent mistakes and leading the copy desk are all the responsibility of the copy chief. He/She is charged with hiring all copy editors and dividing up in-office and on-call copy editing shifts through the week. The copy chief monitors copy and section editors’ editing and provides feedback and education pertaining to Maneater and AP style, grammar, and spelling as needed. Ultimately, the copy chief has the simple goal of making all aspects of The Maneater’s copy as robust as possible.

Application: Copy chief


The entire paper is meant to be a service to the MU community, but the Forum section is the only designated space for the unfettered exchange of feedback. Every week, the Forum editor must edit columns, any guest columns or letters to the editor, oversee the paper’s Op-Ed page artwork and issue-specific features, and research and write at least one editorial. People skills are a must, since the Forum editor serves as a secondary liaison with the community. He/She must work to not only recruit semester-long columnists but also engage readership by fostering guest columns, letters to the editor and active discussion. The Forum section is intended to be an open dialogue for The Maneater and its readers.

Application: Forum editor


The MOVE editor will work with The Maneater’s editor-in-chief and managing editor to oversee production of MOVE magazine. He/She will assign and edit stories geared toward Columbia’s cultural, culinary, arts, music, entertainment and downtown events. Columnists will also be hired and edited under his/her direction. The MOVE editor will work with the photo editor and production manager to plan pages within The Maneater during a typical week and four to five special issues throughout the year. The MOVE editor will also oversee long-term goals for MOVE’s development and increasing readership.

Application: MOVE editor

Online Assistant

The Online Assistant editor will act as the Online Development editor’s second hand. The Online Assistant editor will manage The Maneater’s ListServs as well as the publication’s social media accounts. Not only will he/she work with section editors to enhance The Maneater’s presence online and how the paper publicizes its content, the Online Assistant editor will work with the Online Development editor to develop special sections and fix problems that arise with

Application: Online assistant editor

Online Development is a consistent award-winning publication. The Online Development editor’s first project will be redesigning the website. The Online Development editor will also be responsible for overseeing improvements to the website and newsroom technologies, this includes backend structural development of the Django CMS and creating online templates for Long Read articles and other special issues. Immediate site maintenance is a requirement and prior experience with Django and/or Python is preferred. He/She will bridge the gap between the staff, the content it produces and the technical side of managing digital infrastructure.

Application: Online development editor


Photos are the first thing readers are drawn to in The Maneater. They are of equal importance as the stories, making the photo editor an integral part of the editorial board. The photo editor will assign photos for News, Sports, features and MOVE; train and maintain a staff of photographers; edit photos and upload them online; and edit cutlines. The photo editor will also work with the Online Development and Assistant Online editors to generate photo slideshows. In addition to collaboration with section editors, extensive photography knowledge and an understanding of Photoshop are required. Good organizational ability will also be vital to maintaining the constant stream of photo pitches necessary to keep up in print and online.

Application: Photo editor


The Production Manager leads the production and design side of the newspaper and MOVE magazine. He/She is responsible for adhering to and revising the design style of the paper. The Production Manager must work with editors, advertising staff and editorial management to ensure all elements of the newspaper are in place and ready for the press. He/ She is the primary contact with our printer. Coordinating and training a design staff is also a requirement. The production manager is also responsible for assisting with organizing the layout of special issues and wraparounds.

Application: Production manager


The Sports editor’s biggest coverage area will be football and basketball. The Sports editor is not only responsible for catering to fans of these traditional sports but also to lesser-known sports, for fans at all interest levels. Coordinating major game coverage, a Maneater presence at all major athletic department press conferences, hiring sports columnists and overseeing a very close-knit staff of beat writers are required. The Sports editor will need to manage a quick turnaround on game coverage as well as developing features for the paper each week. He/She will also use social media to provide game updates and promote Maneater Sports content.

Application: Sports editor

Student Organizations

The Student Organizations editor is responsible for news relating to MU student organizations, including Greek Life and student government. He/She will be responsible for overseeing the assignment and editing of stories, ranging from prompt event coverage to in-depth, investigative pieces. He/ She will assign beat writers to keep tabs on recurring news topics. The Student Organizations editor with work cooperatively with University News, Campus Life, and City, State and Nation editors to make up The Maneater’s news coverage.

Application: Student organizations editor

University News

The University News editor is responsible for all campus news pertaining to MU administration and the University of Missouri System — including, but not limited to, the Board of Curators; Faculty Council; MU Police Department; MU Health Care; and MU schools, colleges, departments and services. With the help of University News beat writers, he/she will find and assign hard news content for the website and pursue feature and issue stories for the newspaper and website. The University News editor will work cooperatively with the Student Organizations, Campus Life, and City, State and Nation editors to make up The Maneater’s news coverage.

Application: University news editor