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Friday, July 29, 2016

Applications for The Maneater’s 2016 fall staff are now open! They are due July 31 at 8 p.m.

News Department Beat Writers
News beat writers will have a specific area of coverage and will get to write breaking news, features, event coverage and longform pieces about their area of eventual expertise. Beats available span coverage of student governments, social justice, student housing, higher education and more. You’ll find a full list of available beats inside the application.

Sports Department Beat Writers
Sports reporters will write features, find unique angles for gamers and do social media coverage of their assigned sport. You’ll find a list of available sports beats inside the application.

Maneater Opinion Columnists
Columnists will get to delve into campus issues and form well-rounded arguments about key issues. Prior knowledge of university news and student government issues is preferred. You’ll find a list of possible column topics inside the application. Want to write something that’s not listed? Pitch it!

MOVE Magazine Beat Writers
You'll get to know all the ins-and-outs and the sources of a particular area of MOVE’s coverage — from local music to student orgs to downtown businesses — and write weekly stories on the topic.

MOVE Magazine Columnists
Do you have a lowkey TV show that you want the world to know about? Do you want to give advice? Take a look at each of the columnist applications to see if any of them seem like they’d be the right (weekly) fit for your voice: movie, TV, TV recapper, food, advice, music, pre-concert or create-your-own.

MOVE Magazine Advertising Representatives
Want to try out the business side of things? Jump in as an ad rep for MOVE Magazine, selling ads related to arts, culture and downtown business.

Assistant Photo Editor
The assistant photo editor will work with the photo editor and section editors to develop, edit and upload strong photos for the publication for both print and web images. The assistant editor will make sure the photo process goes smoothly during the week and cover any breaking news events that demand visuals when no one else is available for coverage. Experience with Photoshop, AP Style and a variety of photographic brands and equipment is preferred but not an absolute requirement.

Beat Photographers
Beat photographers will work with the photo editor and assistant photo editors as well as corresponding writers and section editors to create and caption strong photos for our publication both in print and online. They will make sure that photos are submitted with captions quickly following a shoot.

Production Assistant
The production assistant will help lead the design team with the production manager and graphics manager by working on page designs, page corrections and helping out other designers.

Projects Department Reporters
Projects reporters will primarily work on “news projects,” more research- and data-based stories that often involve interactive elements. Projects reporters need to flexible, eager to try more than just writing articles, have a passion for multimedia and be an upperclassman or have extensive experience that makes them qualified.