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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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All That Remains: "…For We Are Many" — 3 out of 5 stars

Tags: Music

All That Remains (or ATR as those scene kids call them) have returned with the release of their new album, …For We Are Many.

What does this album sound like? Well it sounds like All That Remains, meaning people who are fans of their older work won’t be disappointed, but they won’t be thrilled either. There are some pretty good guitar solos on the album and a good variety of vox and clean vocals.

This album will not blow you away, but it won’t piss you off either.

One of the key tracks are “Some Of The People, All Of The Time,” for those that like hardcore, and features a pretty sick breakdown at the end of the song.

Other songs that might tickle the fancy of listeners include the album’s first single, “Hold On” and the title track “For We Are Many.”

This album is good, but unless listeners are really into the band, or the genre, they probably won’t listen to it constantly on the iPod after the first week.

…For We Are Many does have a lot of good songs, but overall is simply an average All That Remains album.

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