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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Bring Me The Horizon: 'There Is a Hell' — 2.5 out of 5 stars

Tags: Music

The metal-core band Bring Me The Horizon’s new album is out this week, but it unfortunately does not live up to the band’s past works.

And if the music wasn’t bad enough, the album has one of the longest titles in recent memory — There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven Lets Keep It a Secret. That title alone took up half of the word count needed for this blog.

Bring Me The Horizon has had some good songs on the album Count Your Blessings and their EP This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Is Made For. But the new album — which I am dubbing TIAHBMISITIAHLKIAS — went away from a metal-core sound to that of a hardcore punk band…with synth.

That’s right, there is an electronic synthesizer and keyboard in the first three songs on the album, and it doesn't fit at all. In fact, it’s actually pretty distracting from the rest of the songs. There are hardcore bands that have used keyboards before, and they made it work, but this just wasn’t the case for TIAHBMISITIAHLKIAS.

With that being said, there are a few decent songs, such as “Alligator Blood” and the ones that aren’t titled “Fuck.” There are other songs that would be fine if they were a hardcore punk band.

This was not the best album that BMTH — as the cool kids call the band — has released. Hardcore fans of the band’s older stuff will be disappointed, but there are probably a bunch of scene kids that will love it.

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