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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Rihanna: 'LOUD' — 4 out of 5 stars

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Over the last few years, Rihanna has evolved from a sweet island pop star into a sexy, pop icon. Her style, both musical and otherwise continues to change. With the release of her fifth studio album, you can expect a new Rihanna with a full range of sound and excitement. Rihanna’s latest album, LOUD, features 11 songs, a move away from the 23-track CDs that have become increasingly popular with pop artists today. Rihanna dabbles into several different genres and even goes back to her island roots with a few songs. Listeners can expect a little bit of everything. Aside from her singles, “What's My Name” and “Only Girl in the World,” Rihanna's “Raining Men”, featuring Nicki Minaj, definitely has a more hip hop feel and will most likely be one of the next singles to be released from the album. She paired up with Eminem to make a “Love the Way You Lie,” featuring the same beat and chorus but with an added drum solo in the backdrop. The best part about LOUD, which is also one of the best traits about Rihanna, is that she can sell songs by herself. “Skin,” which is the sexiest song on the album, features a very seductive, intimate beat while “S&M” — yes, it's what you think — has a very fast, loud club vibe. Other songs, like “California King Bed” and “Fading” are interesting and smooth, making her CD one that you can listen too all the way through. Rihanna created a new image for this CD and she is able to maintain this image throughout the entire album. She has never been afraid to try new things — something that makes her likable to fans of every style. Rihanna reinvented herself with Good Girl Gone Bad, she was deep and mysterious with Rated R and now, she's eclectic and artistic with LOUD. Overall, the CD is a hit, lively and easy on the ears.

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Entry comments

Dec. 23, 2010 at 1:21 p.m.

Logan: "Loud" is an AMAZING album. The only song on it that I'm not particularly fond of is "Complicated", just because is sounds like a mess. The other 10 tracks are stellar, with my overall favorites being "What's My Name", "Cheers", "Only Girl", "Man Down" and "Raining Men w/ Nicki Minaj." Another stand-out I wanted to comment on is "California King Bed", which I think is a GORGEOUS, emotionally deep song that best shows off Rihanna's vocal abilities. I sort of want it to be a single with a music video, but I don't know how radio-friendly it is...

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