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Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Keri Hilson: 'No Boys Allowed' — 3.5 out of 5 stars

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In case Santa hasn’t completely fulfilled your Christmas list yet, let me suggest one last minute addition – Keri Hilson’s No Boys Allowed.

To pregame for the rest of the album, my first taste of No Boys Allowed was the music video for “The Way You Love Me.” Wow.

Complete with an upside down splits/thrust combination (and a random JoJo appearance), Hilson unleashes her inner-slut in the porn-esque video. And as a result, it is easily my favorite song on the album.

If nothing else, the video made it obvious Hilson was taking a balls-to-the-wall approach to her sophomore effort. She cools off quite a bit after that particular song, but Hilson continues her quest for female empowerment throughout the remainder of the album.

Hilson takes a dose of superficiality for “Pretty Girl Rock,” in which she tells her haters to stop hating just because she’s beautiful. The track borders on being slightly juvenile, but it seems like it should be swallowed with a grain of salt. It’s cute.

On “The Way You Love Me” and the Chris Brown-accompanied “One Night Stand,” Hilson shows that not every girl is looking for a relationship – sometimes, they just want sex. But much like a real one-night stand however, what follows is nothing special. “Toy Soldier” and “All the Boys” are the only songs worth a second listen on the album’s later half.

Still, I’m glad I didn’t let the title fool me – this boy’s loving him some Hilson right now.

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