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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Jukebox the Ghost: 'Everything Under The Sun' — 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Unwaveringly fun harmonies and wonderfully hypnotizing lyrics are a-plenty on Jukebox the Ghost’s new album, Everything Under The Sun. Two years after a fairly limited, yet successful release of their 2008 debut album, Let Live and Let Ghosts, Jukebox the Ghost returns with its piano-rock-esque sound, sure to please both returning and new listeners alike.

The album’s starter, “Schizophrenia,” features the double tapping, spastic piano playing and back-and-forth lyrics of singer/songwriter Ben Thornewill and has the ability to make listeners wish they lived inside his mind for a day, just to see what it would be like.

Although Thornewill’s smooth voice and piano playing dominate most of the album, Tommy Siegel’s rougher, yet tantalizing, vocals and guitar playing emerge on “Half Crazy,” “The Sun” and “The Stars.” Siegel’s style provides a pleasant break that keeps Thornewill’s piano playing from overpowering the album and gives drummer Jesse Kristin the opportunity to show off his skills.

As with his songs “Fire in the Sky” and “Where Are All the Scientists Now?” on Let Live and Let Ghosts, Siegel once again split up a longer song into two shorter songs, “The Sun (Interlude)” and “The Stars,” that are slightly awkward when listened to separately. However, when played in succession, the two songs create an undoubtedly upbeat apocalyptic tune that works perfectly with the band’s fun and unordinary style.

The only flaw with Everything Under The Sun seems to be that the members of the band tried perfecting the album too much. Although beautifully done, the transitions between songs make it almost impossible to listen to the album on shuffle. Also, though “The Sun” leads wonderfully into the melancholic, rollercoaster-like “So Let Us Create,” the song disrupts the tone set in the first half of the Album and would have worked better as a closer to the near-flawless album.

Nevertheless, Jukebox the Ghost’s new album embodies every fun and out-of-the-ordinary aspect that makes the band wonderful.

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