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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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The Great Sabatini: 'Napoleon Sodomite' — 3 out of 5 stars

Tags: Music Reviews

Sludge metal band The Great Sabatini recently released a 7” titled Napoleon Sodomite that uses musical techniques different from its past musical endeavors. The change might surprise old fans of this group, but the changes are a sign of musical progress and maturity.

The album kicks off with a bang with the steady rhythm and harsh vocals of the title track, “Napoleon Sodomite." The overall tone of the song seems a bit repetitive, especially when compared to the second and third songs on the album, but it keeps in line with the heavy nature of their older material.

The second song on the album is the eerie song “Helter Skeletor," which incorporates drawn out guitar chords and percussion that sounds faintly like footsteps. The banjo’s steady rhythm and simple melody make the overall feel reminiscent of a song played in an old western film. The song’s lack of vocals helps it to serve as a sort of intermission between the first and last songs on the 7”.

The album finale, “Trap Sequence” starts off strong, even without vocals. The tension gradually builds and drops, and the song is a musical roller coaster that draws emotion even though there are no lyrics to tell the listener what to feel. Toward the end of the song you feel the tension reach an all time high, only for the piercing chord to drop off and the faint sound of a banjo melody from “Helter Skeletor” to jump in.

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