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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Biffy Clyro: 'Only Revolutions' – 3 out of 5 stars

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Artists from the United Kingdom have crossed over into the U.S. music market in a big way throughout the past 10 years. These artists have transformed their genre of music into something fresh and innovative – similar to what Amy Winehouse and Adele did for the soul genre and what Coldplay did for alternative music. The British band Biffy Clyro, however, has managed to produce music that is the exact opposite of its contemporaries; it adheres to the rules of its genre, while making something unique.

In its fifth album Only Revolutions, many of the songs are nearly undistinguishable to bands from the United States. Songs such as “Bubbles” and “God and Satan” have good intentions but are trumped by bland arrangements and weird lyrics such as “I slap the water and watch the fish dance/to the ripples of us."

However there are some good qualities about the album. The band itself meshes well together. Lead singer Simon Neal is consistently in-tune with his band and creates bold, listenable pop-rock ready-made for United States mainstream radio. This sound is fully realized in songs such as “The Captain," a bass driven opus, and “Shock Shock," a bold and striking track with electronic influences.

Disregard the negatives of this album and enjoy the cohisiveness as a group. Biffy Clyro may not make many new waves in the rock genre but the overall effort is good enough for future listens.

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