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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Rebecca Black: 'Friday' single – 4.99 out of 5 stars

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As harsh as this might be, some people need to learn how to write a song. I’m talking to you, Eminem; Lady GaGa; Bob Dylan. You all could take a lesson from my newest idol: Rebecca Black.

It was Monday when I first heard “Friday.” Since, I’ve completely forgotten about all of my midterms and projects I should be worrying about: my mind is looking too much forward to the weekend.

She wakes up looking snazzy; her friends have a sweet ride; I love her: Black has got it all. From braces-clad background dancers to allusions to some of America’s classics (“just another manic Monday” and “Tuesday is gone with the wind”), Black sings about the things that actually trouble Americans. Forget failed relationships: I just want to know where to sit. I just want to party. I just want it to be the weekend.

According to her Twitter, Black is 13 years old. But she will be 14 in a few months! She’s four years younger than Justin Bieber, and she’s already gathered more than 7 million hits on YouTube. I think it’s safe to say Black’s hype might die down after the weekend, but if there ever was a Bieber/Black collaboration… It would be so fun, fun, fun, fun.

Say you hate it or say it sucks, but we all know what students will be listening to before they go out Friday.

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