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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Various Artists: 'Tron: Legacy Reconfigured' – 3 out of 5 stars

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How do you remix a score? That’s a question Tron: Legacy Reconfigured attempts to answer.

Given access to the original soundtrack to “Tron: Legacy” by the masters of all that is electronic, Daft Punk, a slew of remixing gods and upstarts have turned what was once an interesting, if not a bit quiet, score into something, well, completely different.

You see, most of the remixes are at best, grand departures and at worst, absolutely unrecognizable from the tracks they claim to remix.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The problem with movie scores is without the context of visuals some of the slower, more brooding moments can get a bit boring. If there’s one thin Reconfigured is not, it’s boring.

So, not boring, but is it good? That’s trickier to say. With 15 separate tracks by 16 different artists – none of which are Daft Punk themselves in case you were wondering – this is the definition of mixed bag.

Some tracks shine, like the Glitch Mob’s rendition of “Derezzed” which might actually eclipse its source material and some don’t quite live up to par like Com Truise’s “Encom Part 2.”

Despite the album being only $10 on iTunes, with such a range of quality, it’s probably best to give each a preview and separate the wheat from the chaff yourself – it’s not like there’s any flow that’s in danger of being compromised.

Both Tron fans and remix aficionados can find something to like here, but neither will blown away by the overall product. An interesting idea, but one that just didn’t quite pan out.

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