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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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The Beastie Boys: 'Hot Sauce Committee Part 2' – 4 out of 5 stars

Tags: Music Reviews

After the short movie “Fight For You Right Revisited," featuring Will Ferrell, was released, the Beastie Boys released their long awaited album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. What happened to Part 1, you ask? Well, that album has been delayed several times, so the band released Part 2. Now it’s a shame that the other album had to be delayed, but Part 2 is a solid album.

The best way to describe most of the album is that it sounds like the Beastie Boys. If you were a fan of their old rap songs you will not be disappointed with this album. “Too Many Rappers” is just a great rap jam; the distorted intro can bring back memories to one of your first experiences listening to Beastie Boys, or it could remind you hearing kids with loud speakers in their cars drive by your house at 3 a.m. Either way it has a great nostalgia factor.

“Say It” and “Long Burn Fire” are songs that are just relaxing. They start out with smooth melodies rhythm and don’t stop at all. Most of the songs of that “old-school” rap sound so it’s easier to get into.

This is the first rap album in a while that’s full, or complete. The only real low point of this album is the song “Ok” but because the rest of this album is solid, that one song doesn’t really have an effect on the rest of the album.

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