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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Silverstein 'Rescue' – 5 out of 5 stars

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Silverstein never fails to make consistently strong albums. Its lyrics are always poetic, the melodies heartfelt and the screams energetic and raw. Its new album, Rescue, brings this to a new level, though.

Silverstein’s sound becomes incredibly more refined and mature with each album. It keeps all its old elements and masters them, delivering an album that will awe new and old fans.

The first track, “Medication,” draws the listener in on a personal level. The song screams out fears that almost everyone shares-- that you’ll never be happy, and that you’ll never be OK. The end is heart-wrenching with a melody so strong that time seems to stop. The song slows, and the vocals grow deeper, assuring that no listener forgets this part.

“I'm afraid/I'll never be okay/I'm afraid/I'm scared I can't be happy.”

Although not the strongest lyrics on the album, they reach a level where so many fans can relate.

Tracks such as “Replace You” and “Burning Hearts” are softer than Silverstein’s normal sound, but still hold the feeling of the band. They are catchy and melodic and could easily become singles. Their choruses are relatable and emotional, ensuring every fan will know the words when screamed live.

Older fans will appreciates songs such as “The Artist,” which features Brendan Murphy of Counterparts. This track is by far the fastest and most energetic on the album, filled with screams and hard instrumentals. The singing is minimal, replaced with screams that will definitely reach out to older fans.

Bayside’s Anthony Raneri also guest stars on the album in “Texas Mickey.” His vocals come in at the very end of the song, perfectly complementing those of singer Shane Told and giving the final touch to push the song from great to perfect.

This album doesn’t have a single track that would disappoint a new or old fan. By keeping true to its classic sound while letting itself mature and grow, Silverstein has created its strongest album yet.

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