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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Muppets: 'The Green Album' – 4 out of 5 stars

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In the lead up to the new Muppets movie, "The Muppets," Disney has released a compilation of songs from The Muppets' catalog performed with a different twist.

Longtime fans of the franchise will feel nostalgia when listening to their favorite Muppets songs performed by newer artists on Muppets: The Green Album. The Green Album starts off with OK Go playing “The Muppet Show Theme Song.” The first few seconds start out with a buzz that makes you wonder if your speakers are working correctly. After that, the drums and guitar kick in and your concerns go away. The song sounds more like an OK Go song than the original because of the way it is sung and the added guitar line.

Weezer plays the next song on The Green Album, “Rainbow Connection.” This version features the vocal duet of Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo and Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Musically, the song stays pretty close to the original until halfway through when the drums begin, giving it a more full, rock-like sound.

Next, The Fray plays one of The Muppets' more popular songs, “Mahna Mahna." This is another song that stays really close to the original and still sounds really good.

Alkaline Trio then plays “Movin’ Right Along." The band puts its own sound into the song but keeps the Muppet feel of it with verbal banter like in the original. Alkaline Trio isn’t one of the first bands that comes to mind when you think of putting together a Muppets album, considering the content of some of their songs, but they did well regardless and showed that they can play a completely different kind of song.

“Mr. Bassman” is not one of the most popular songs from the Muppets, and it’s performed by Sondre Lerche, not one of the biggest artists on the album. But this reason may be how the song will be more loved. The song is still fun like the original Johnny Cymbal version, and the Muppets version, featuring the singing of a “bass man” who sings the bass line of the song. Andrew Bird then performs “Bein’ Green,” a song that is a must for every Muppets album. It is a good cover but it may not be as loved as the Don Henley version.

Muppets: The Green Album is a very good album. This is an album that both the younger and older crowds can listen to and enjoy. If you want to get a younger person in your family into rock, this would the album to show them.

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