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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Lucy and Wayne and The Amairican Stream: Hymn for Her Presents–4.5 out of 5 stars

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When you first listen to “Hymn for Her Presents: Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream,” you feel as if you are thrown into a time loop, a common trend in popular music today. Many artists, from Bruno Mars to the late Amy Winehouse, have made lasting legacies with music that has strong influences from the past. For some reason though, Hymn for Her makes it feel authentic because it truly feels as if the band is from the era when it was cool to pull out your banjo on the river and jam.

Not all the songs from this CD are mistaken as relics from the grand ‘ol country. One of the standouts, “Here,” has a Rocky Mountains meets present-day Nashville feel to it that will have you stirring out of your seat. Another strong track named “C’mon” contains lyrics that are a tell-off to painful memories and hard times in order to move on, something that makes this record modern but also a throwback. Hymn for Her’s ability to implant old beats with of-the-moment lyrics about breakups, makeups and economic hardships makes their schtick appealing to even the most green listener of the alternative genre.

One song in particular slightly drags the very strong record down: the dull and too lackadaisical “Sangre.” The mistake of picking up the tempo of the song with a lyric such as “The blood is in my hands” followed by a confusing loop of unintelligible lyrics nearly creates a bloody mass of ideas that not even these good ‘ol country folk could clean up.

What saves the record as a whole and is really a standout about this piece is the presentation. These two know that they present themselves as white trash and fully encompass themselves in that spectrum. It seemed to liberate them and at the same time force them to male good on their promise on celebrating what many would call a glorification of the backwoods culture most talked about in national news.

Minus one misstep, “Hymn for Her Presents: Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream” is a hopping good time that is well suited for a party, nightcap or even a tranquil day in the woods, or all three if you have the time or the ability to breastfeed.

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