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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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MU researchers: Dinosaurs may be 10% taller

It turns out that previous best guesses about how tall dinosaurs were might have come up a little short.


MU anatomy professor Casey Holliday and researchers from Ohio University have found that dinosaurs like the Triceratops and Brachiosaurus may have been much taller than researchers thought before, according to a [university news release(

Holliday and the researchers found that the bones in dinosaurs' limbs were rounded and rough, meaning there had to be a thick layer of cartilage between them. Using what the news release calls a “cartilage correction factor,” Holliday figured out that some types of dinosaurs may have been as much as 10 percent taller than previously thought.

The research team's work is being published this week in PLoS-ONE, a free public science journal.

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