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Thursday, September 21, 2017
On Campus

Sustain Mizzou hosts free tea party

Sustain Mizzou members organized a Free Tea Party on Lowry Mall on Friday.

"We're building culture right here," Sustain Mizzou President Tina Casagrand said.

They set up a blanket for people to gather and served free tea to anyone who stopped by. Discussion topics varied from the Sustainahouse project to food drives and couch surfing.

“We thought it’d be a fun, easy way to meet people and hang out on a nice day,” Sustain Mizzou Secretary Kat Seal said.

Casagrand said she got the idea for the free tea party from a blog posted online about a man who offered a tea party in his van for people interested in discussing world peace with him.

“It’s a great idea because people seem so rushed that they often neglect taking the time to just sit and talk,” Casagrand said.

Graduate student Dan Marshall stopped by the tea party.

“I’ve got about an hour and a half before I’ve got to be anywhere, and I thought, ‘Hey, free tea,’” Marshall said. “I’m only vaguely aware of its (Sustain Mizzou’s) existence.”

Casagrand said she was thoroughly satisfied with the turnout of the tea party.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better day…the weather and meeting cool people,” Casagrand said. “A girl getting ready to go to work took a few minutes to sit down and talk, and a lot of other people did this, too. It makes me really happy.”

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