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Friday, October 20, 2017
On Campus

Noor Azizan-Gardner named interim Chief Diversity Officer

MU Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton announced this morning that Noor Azizan-Gardner will serve as MU’s interim Chief Diversity Officer. She will lead the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative and work to promote diversity at MU.

“The CDI will continue to enhance diversity at MU through collaborative partnerships with the entire campus to meet our diversity goals,” Azizan-Gardner said in a press release. “A campus that is inclusive and welcoming is the critical foundation for us to build upon the values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence which defines our campus culture. An engaged, diverse campus also will give our faculty, staff and students the competitive advantage necessary to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.”

Azizan-Gardner previously directed diversity programming and professional development for the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative and has spent more than 18 years working with intercultural issues locally, nationally and internationally.

“With Noor in this position (of interim Chief Diversity Officer), I am confident the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative will continue to offer a rich array of opportunities for all the university’s various individuals and groups to come together to learn about and celebrate their differences,” Middleton said in a press release.

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