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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Nick Droege, Zach Beattie win MSA presidential election

Nick Droege, Zach Beattie win MSA presidential election
Junior Nick Droege gives an acceptance speech outside of Jesse Hall Wednesday night. Droege was elected to be the next Missouri Student Association president. Melissa Fogarty/Senior Staff Photographer

The Missouri Students Association’s Board of Elections Commissioners announced Nick Droege and Zach Beattie as the winners of MSA’s presidential election Wednesday night.

The slate won by a landslide with 84 percent of the 5,066 total votes.

“We cannot tell you how much it means to us that you, the students, chose us,” Droege said.

During the three-day election, 4,257 students voted for the slate. The election opened at 6 p.m. Monday and closed at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Spencer Maass and Shelby Catalano came in second place with 430 votes, 8 percent of the total votes.

Tom Wright and Bo Mahr came in third place with 379 votes, 7 percent of the total votes.

Droege and Beattie said the moment after the announcement felt surreal.

“I’ve just never felt so supported by the people around me,” Beattie said. “The people who came out and said they supported us just blew my mind.”

Droege said the entire campaign experience was stressful and tiring, but also fun.

Now, the two are planning for the work ahead of them.

Droege said his and Beattie’s term will be a “surge for services” that will provide equality for students from all different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Their first plan is to create a timeline to accomplish their goals, Beattie said.

They are also going to begin planning their cabinet, Droege said. They plan to talk to and collaborate with the other slates because they had valid ideas during the campaign period.

“We (who ran) all have the same mission to represent the undergraduate voices,” Droege said to the crowd.

Both Droege and Beattie also emphasized they are going to continue talking to students.

“We’re not going to slow down,” Beattie said.

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