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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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RHA not in process of creating complaint website

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KCOU/88.1 FM reported on its website Wednesday the Residence Halls Association is in the process of creating a new online resource for residents to anonymously submit complaints about fellow residents as well as hall staff. The article also stated the organization is bringing in a tech expert in the coming weeks to get started on the project.

The information, cited from Lathrop Hall RHA representative Julia Diller, is mostly false, said RHA Speaker of Congress Kathy Rudd.

“About the only grain of truth in this entire article is that yes, in fact Julia is an RHA representative and that yes, in fact they discussed having a complaint submission form online during the Advocacy committee,” Rudd said in an email. “I believe that right now, the committee is planning to help promote the current system that already exists on Residential Life's website, which is a suggestion box that anyone can give feedback on the department and it gets sorted to the most relevant employee to fix the issue. That link is on the Residential Life website now.”

This “suggestion box” asks the submitter to indicate whether the problem pertains to maintenance, staff, students, policy, general behavior or a specific incident. It later inquires the submitter if he or she has already made a report about the issue and, if so, the results of the report. The form has an optional space for the submitter to leave his or her name and contact information.

If a student wishes to report misconduct, he or she can contact student staff or the front desk of his or her hall. If the problem is with the student staff, reports can go to the hall coordinator. If the student would like to report a hall coordinator or other professional staff, he or she may contact a professional in Residential Life all the way up to the department’s director, Frankie Minor. Rudd advises using this process before going to the online submission forum.

If RHA representatives choose to pursue the idea of a complaint submission website further, it could become a larger project for the organization in the future.

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