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Monday, October 16, 2017
On Campus

MSA President clarifies request to SFRC

Clarifying The Maneater article "MSA to ask for student fee increase to pay for $200,000 in services" published Tuesday, the Missouri Students Association will not be asking for a student fee increase, but requesting a reallocation of student fees to the Student Fee Review Committee, MSA President Xavier Billingsley said.

If SFRC grants the request for reallocation, the reallocation will be completed by reallocating the inflation increase of student fees to fund MSA's request and/or reallocating the student fees in general, Billingsley said.

According to The Maneater article, SFRC, by law, is prohibited from increasing student fees by more than the consumer price index, which constrained fee increases by 3 percent last fiscal year.

Student fees increased by a total of 2.9 percent due to inflation last year, according to a previous Maneater article.

Stay with The Maneater for more details regarding MSA's request for reallocation of student fees.

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