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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
On Campus

MU students join Washington D.C. protest against Keystone XL Pipeline

MU students joined the "Forward on Climate" protest in Washington D.C. on Sunday to urge President Barack Obama to oppose the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Protesters opposing the pipeline, which would distribute crude oil from Canada to several states in the U.S., argue the pipeline might cause environmental damage by causing oil spills in sensitive areas and emitting greenhouse gases in the Canadian tar sands where the petroleum is being extracted.

The Huffington Post reports that an estimated 40,000 protesters converged on the National Mall for the "Forward on Climate Rally." MU students from Coal Free Mizzou number among about 2,000 Missouri college students who joined the protest.

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Entry comments

Feb. 17, 2013 at 5:02 p.m.

Claude: Of all the ridiculous garbage. Energy independence is what we need to help our economy rebound. The keystone pipeline is a job creator, money-maker, and overall GOOD IDEA. If this is primarily about climate change, need I remind that an individual cow releases more greenhouse gases than an individual car. It should also be noted, that climate change is nonsense and fictional.

Feb. 17, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

MACDONALDBANK: The XL pipeline issue is being manipulated -- by Gordon Getty’s Sierra Fund and Forward Fund -- to undermine the American consumer! Gordon Getty is a major financial backer of Obama. I earned the Getty Oil Company shareholders $4,000,000,000 on the Getty/Reserve acquisition and was never paid our fee of a mere $6,440,000 … here at MacDonald Bank. The Gettys’ are as corrupt as the day is long. If the USA don’t want the oil -- it is going to China … who have signed a mega-billion dollar deal to transport the oil in Alberta to British Columbia … then to Asia … as well as Irving Oil; who have signed a deal to ship the oil to eastern Canada. Gordon Getty and the consumers of USA – may lose out to China on this one! Let’s all hear it now …! Hurray for China!

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