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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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MSA Senate meeting features no legislation

The Missouri Students Association full Senate meeting featured no legislation.

MSA President Nick Droege presented 18 project ideas to the Senate. Droege and his cabinet compiled these ideas after their recent trip to the SEC Exchange.

“The reason we’re listing these projects off is not because we want to tell you what we have in the works, it’s because we trust you to get this stuff done,” Vice President Zach Beattie said. “We know we can’t do it alone.”

The last full Senate on Jan. 30 featured three pieces of legislation. Two of these pieces of legislation were previously tabled and not brought to the floor. Both pieces were regarding the Student Conduct Committee and were authored by senator Taylor Major.

For these pieces of legislation to be brought back to the Senate floor for discussion, Major must send the pieces through MSA committees again.

The other piece of legislation, authored by senator Devin Kelsey, corrected the MSA bylaws to grant the Budget Committee primary status for contingency and reserve requests. Previously, the status was incorrectly granted to both the Budget Committee and the Operations Committee.

The following are minutes from the MSA full Senate meeting Feb. 6.:

6:02 p.m.: Open Forum

  • Polar Plunge presenter

    • Kids and athletes

    • Special Olympics

  • DSA events

    • International Welcome Party

    • 7 p.m. Sat.

    • Student Center

      • Mizzou Idol

        • next Friday

        • tickets are free

    • Margaret Cho

    • Passion Pit

  • Zack Sweets: MSA Info Session

    • Thursday

    • Jesse Wrench

    • 6 p.m.

    • talk to Ben Bolin or Sweets

6:05 p.m.: Special Orders

  • 6:05: Student Court Confirmation

    • Mary Kate O’Brien

      • Freshman

      • “Has a lot of really great ideas” –Bailey Otto

      • motivated to get involved

      • O’Brien Speaking

        • Interested in Student Court

        • Continuing HS leadership

      • No questions from senators

      • Jo Marie from MCI

        • O’Brien is one of her residents

        • “Very involved and dedicated”

      • Unanimous approval

6:09 p.m.: At-Large Election

  • 8 people running

  • Arts & Science

    • Jacob McKinley elected
  • 6:25 p.m.: 2 Senators resigned during the meeting to open more spots for senators

    • Jordan Denker is resigning because she is too busy with other things this semester

    • She is from College of Health Professions

  • Zack Sweets is resigning as well

    • He is from College of Arts and Science

    • Re-vote because different spots in different colleges opened

6:35 p.m.: At-large spots

  • Sean Oats

  • Adam Joyce

  • Nick Schwartz

6:36 p.m.: Speaker nominations

  • Speaker nominations

    • McKenzie Morris, accepted nomination

    • David Wettroth, accepted nomination

    • Matt Kalish, accepted nomination

    • Ben Bolin, denied nomination

    • Gabby Rodriguez, unable to accept because not present

  • Can accept/ reject in 2 weeks at next Senate

  • Actual election itself and further nominations at next Senate

  • Senate Speaker Jake Sloan will officiate, will only vote to break tie

6:39 p.m.: Senate Speaker Reports

  • Senate Speaker Report

    • Student Conduct Committee

    • Those interested, emailed Doodle link to find meeting time

    • Needs response by tomorrow night

    • Academic Affairs chairman decision

      • Unable to make decision by last night

      • Doing second round interviews

    • Senate Survey Results

      • Can send to any senator
    • Nick Droege will be sending additional info on Thursday not in report

    • No formal campaign process for speaker

      • Send out agenda, can send together in email so all have fair chance

      • Can’t use MSA resources to campaign

    • Tuesday before elections can speak max 5 minutes to each committee

  • Farouk Aregbe, advisor, speaking

  • Thanked Jake for his leadership and time as Senate Speaker

6:39 p.m. Committee Reports

  • Committee Meeting

    • Sandy Patel giving Academic Affairs

      • Project updates: lockers and online tutoring

      • Things senators want accomplished by end of semester “to become a better committee”

    • McKenzie Morris chairwoman (Budget)

      • Zack went over budget aux report

      • Discuss possible solutions

      • Finding internal money

    • Alyssa Noce chairwoman (CCRC)

      • Recycling project with Greek housing and Res halls

      • Easter egg hunt planning with Joey

      • Volunteering at local food pantry as a committee

      • Taste of Columbia

    • JoMarie Infranca chairwoman (MCI)

      • MCI week event ideas

        • Greet to Greek speed friending retreat

        • Get all leaders together (IFC, PHA, NPHC)

        • Meeting with QPOC (Queer People of Color)

        • Hate Wall event

    • Ben Bolin chairman (Operations)

      • Chapter 6 bylaw changes
    • Connor Hickox chairman (Student Affairs)

      • No legislation, just talk about projects

      • Some newly elected senators there

      • Assignments for committee members who didn’t have projects

        • Research SEC schools for project ideas

6:49 p.m.: Executive Report by Nick Droege

  • SEC Exchange

    • Not all items in presentation are exec’s main priorities

    • Presenting to see if senators are interested in heading projects

    • Development Committee

      • Externally fundraise for internal operations

      • Talk to Zach Beattie if interested

    • Hey Day

      • Pass out name tags to people in Speaker Circle and Student Center

      • Encourage saying hi to a strange

    • Fall Break

      • Mississippi State just got passed

      • “really encourage people to get this done.”

    • Bucket List

      • South Carolina does this

      • 100 things to do before you graduate, 7 unofficial things will not be on the list

      • Director of Student Communications Jimmy Hibsch is compiling list

    • Senator Development Day

      • Working on new senators and prepping for things they need to do
    • High School Leadership Conference

      • Gunnar Johanson is interested in this

      • Helps get future MSA members

    • iPad Rental Program

      • Florida and Arkansas do this

      • Like laptop rental

    • ‘Soft’ Closing

      • Bars stay open for another hour after serving alcohol to encourage safe rides
    • Blue Light App

      • On phone and if walking and feel unsafe, hold it down

      • When feel unsafe, take hand off button

      • Enter code if safe

      • If don’t enter code then authorities come

      • Be able to log when and where students don’t feel safe on campus

    • Rewards Program

      • Give incentive to attend events that people don’t attend
    • Town Hall with Administrators

    • Welcome Packet for Org Presidents

    • Dead Week

      • Week before final, not allowing teachers to give exam

      • Allow them to really study

    • 2 + 2

      • Vanderbilt does

      • Incoming freshmen and sophomores enter as a pair, then paired with 2 other people and meet them

    • Blitz

      • Vanderbilt does this program

      • Focus on week where we stay by our constituents

      • If in a certain college, stand by there

      • Advertise to those students that they’ve been elected to represent that college

    • Drive In Movie

    • Food Truck

      • Permit to have food truck in certain area

      • Possibly Greek Town

    • Tiger Service Corps

      • Log volunteer hours

      • Students to consult if interested in volunteering

      • Allowed a lot of info on volunteerism in community

      • Direct info to people interested in it

  • MSA Vice President Zach Beattie speaking

  • “The reason we’re listing these projects off is not because we want to tell you what we have in the works, it’s because we trust you to get this stuff done. We know we can’t do it alone. These are great starting points.”

7:01 p.m. reopen Senate Speaker nominations

  • Gabby Douglas, accepted


7:02 p.m. Attendance, Senate meeting dismissal

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