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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
On Campus

MSA opposes any new East Campus parking policy

The Missouri Students Association said in a statement Monday that it will strongly oppose any new parking policy that is implemented in East Campus.

“Regardless of the particulars of any given proposal,” the statement read, “the Missouri Students Association is in strong opposition to any effort that further hinders the ability of students to legally park in the East Campus neighborhood.”

The statement cited a survey conducted by the association to gauge overall student opinion on either a meter-based parking system or limiting parking to East Campus residents who purchase a $50 permit. According to the survey, about 66 percent of students are unlikely to rent in East Campus if a parking permit policy is implemented and 84 percent if parking meters are implemented.

MSA President Mason Schara will be attending an open forum to discuss the issue at Columbia City Hall on March 19 at 5:30 p.m.

The statement also said the MSA Senate passed a resolution in opposition to parking policies in East Campus during its last meeting, with an “identical resolution” passing the Residence Halls Association Congress.

However, MSA Senate Speaker Benjamin Bolin clarified that a resolution in opposition was passed during a joint session between MSA, RHA, the Legion of Black Collegians and Greek leadership organizations.

Bolin said the resolution was passed in opposition to requiring residents in East Campus to obtain a parking pass Dec. 4 during a joint session.

The resolution was in response to the East Campus Housing Association’s proposal to the Columbia City Council that would require students to purchase a $50 parking pass to be able to park on East Campus.

Bolin said in an email that according to the Articles of Cooperation for joint sessions that because the resolution was passed by a majority of the governments present, all of the following student governments “approved” the resolution:

The Missouri Students Association The Graduate Professional Council The Residence Hall Association The Legion of Black Collegians The Panhellenic Council The Interfraternity Council The National PanHellenic Council Four Front

Bolin said he would like to wait until a specific proposal is presented Wednesday before MSA Senate passes its own resolution in opposition of parking policies.

“We want to hear the proposal before we act,” Bolin said in a text message.

RHA President-elect Steven Chaffin said that RHA Congress has not convened since March 3, and no RHA resolution has been passed at this time.

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