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Friday, October 20, 2017
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MSA Senate passes 2015 budget

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The Missouri Students Association Senate unanimously passed the association’s budget for fiscal year 2015.

MSA President Mason Schara said the actual carryover amount is larger than the initially projected amount by approximately $2,150 and proposed an amendment to transfer that amount of funds from the RSVP Center and Department of Student Activities’ travel budget.

Schara also said the $2,150 will be reimbursed once the carryover amount takes effect.

Two Bills, 53-37 and 53-38, were read for the second time and passed unanimously by Senate.

Bill 53-37 seeks to ensure budgetary cooperation between the MSA vice president and Budget Committee chair during the budget drafting process, was passed with an amendment proposed by Academic Affairs Committee chairman Ben Vega.

An amendment to the legislation relieves the Budget Committee chair from having to attend all meetings where the budget is created and maintained. However, the chair will be required to attend a meeting, or series of meetings with the vice president, where all budget proposals would be made public.

Bill 53-38 seeks to amend MSA Senate’s own budgeting process, so that the outgoing Senate Speaker is required to consult committee chairs before drafting the budget.

Vega said because most senate speakers are former committee chairs, consulting those individuals would allow the budget to take into account senate’s future plans.

Two resolutions were passed.

Resolution 53-40 urges the speaker to lower the number of absences allowed for senators from three to two, and lower the number of meetings a hopeful at-large senator is required to attend from two to one.

Operations Committee chairman Nick Schwartz said he hopes the resolution will lower the barrier to entry to Senate and increase senate retention.

The resolution passed with 25 votes in favor, an abstention from Senator Kate Hargis and a vote in opposition from Student Affairs chairman Mitchell Moonier.

Resolution 53-41 would require MSA auxiliaries and departments to complete Contingency and Reserve forms when requesting funds.

Former Budget Committee chairwoman Shelby Catalano said the change would allow the forms to act as independent legislations and expedite the entire C&R request process.

The resolution passed unanimously.

Two legislations were introduced to the Senate floor for first readings.

Bill 53-39 would pass the new Board of Elections Commissioners’ 2014 Presidential Election Handbook. Changes to the handbook include removing restrictions on using MSA auxiliaries for producing campaign material, and making the obstruction of election processes rules more clear.

Bill 53-43 would remove restrictions on a DSA director’s selection of committee chairs. DSA Director Chelsea Fricker said requiring applicants to have been a member of DSA for at least one semester could discourage people from applying for committee chair positions.

Bill 53-31, a legislation to amend Senate rules remained tabled for a third week.

Jr. Chad Phillips and fr. Chris Hanner were confirmed as the new Campus Community Relations Committee chairman and Budget Committee chairman, respectively.

Senate clerk Josh Boehm said 27 out of 43 senators were in attendance.

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