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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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BEC addresses website issue, results of polls

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On Monday, the Missouri Students Association’s Board of Elections Commissioners sent its email asking MU students to vote in the 2015 MSA senator polls and on an MSA Constitution Referendum.

The referendum would amend the MSA Constitution to include gender identity and expression in the non-discrimination clause, remove department policy boards and assert that MSA auxiliaries only be removed via referendum. Grammatical changes would be made to the MSA Constitution document as well.

However, a problem with the voting website prevented students from logging back in to vote on the Constitution referendum after voting on senators.

The BEC called this a “technical error” with its website.

BEC chairman Derek Chung said the way that the vote was set up did not allow students to vote on the Constitution Referendum.

Chung said he reset the website so all enrolled undergraduate students were able to vote on the referendum.

The polls closed at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The Referendum passed with 234 votes for and 27 votes in opposition.

The MSA senators elected this spring to serve August 2014 through May 2015 are:

College of Business:
Alex Blodgett, Josh Boehm, Matt Gandy, Spencer Maass, Christopher Hanner and Rob Dawson

College of Engineering:
Alex Walter Drake and Dan Paterson

School of Journalism:
Jonathan Bryce Hambacker and Emma Henderson

College of Education:
Timothy Jordan

School of Health Professions:
Katie Rogers and Emani Lacey

College of Arts & Science:
Kevin Carr, Emily Smith, Amye Torgerson, Garrett Romines, Ben Vega, Hunter Norton, Delan Ellington, Polly Haun, Kate Hargis, Daniel Chacko, Sammie Arnold, Mark E. McDaniel, Rasheeq Nizam and Jordan Bruening

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources:
Ana Whitaker and MaShia Stewart

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