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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
On Campus

Mark McDaniel named new Senate Speaker, two acts passed during MSA full Senate

Mark McDaniel was elected to replace Kevin Carr as MSA Senate Speaker during full Senate on Feb. 24. Full Senate also passed two acts and a resolution.

For his parting words, Carr told the Missouri Students Association Senate to do their best to continue representing the students and to embrace diversity.

Saad Malik was also nominated for the position. McDaniel won with 19 votes while Malik received four. There were 10 abstentions.

Three acts and a resolution were discussed, but only two were passed.

Resolution 55-32 advocates that MU stop investing in prison labor. Currently, MU receives products from Missouri Vocational Enterprises, which uses prison labor. The resolution passed with 17 votes for, 10 votes against and three abstentions.

Act 55-27 allows students to decide if they want to move the MSA presidential election from November to March. Currently, MU is the only SEC school that holds its elections in November. Carr said that this legislation would let Senate “cool down” over the summer after the election and allow Senate to work more efficiently. The act passed with two abstentions.

Act 55-30 establishes an official MSA mission statement. Supporters of the legislation said that instituting a mission statement would help make sure that MSA senators were focused on the students rather than personal interests. The mission statement will be listed on every Senate agenda. The act passed with one abstention.

The mission statement reads, “as the Missouri Students Association Senate, we pledge to be servant leaders to the University of Missouri by prioritizing students’ interests above our own personal ambitions.”

Act 55-26 allowed students to petition the MSA to create legislation they would like to see passed by the MSA Senate. The act was tabled.

Members of STRIPES announced that MU will hold the Safe Ride Program United Conference in 2018. The SPRU conference is held annually at different colleges that offer safe ride programs such as STRIPES.

Twenty-six senators were present.

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