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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
On Campus

MSA Senate confirms executive cabinet and passes new resolutions

MSA Full Senate unanimously confirmed the executive cabinet and passed four resolutions during its meeting April 13.

Senate also confirmed Zach Kilgas as Student Affairs chairman with three abstentions.

Resolution 55-42 advocates for Columbia to create a taskforce to discuss the issues surrounding student housing. The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution 55-43 advocates for Campus Dining Services to provide additional vegan options at dining halls. The resolution asks that CDS provide two additional vegan meals at every dining location during every meal. The resolution also states that any existing CDS student advisory committees should include at least one vegan member. The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution 55-44 calls for allergen labels to be placed on food in all CDS locations. Kilgas said this will help students to obtain nutrition facts more easily and avoid foods they are allergic to. He also said this resolution would be beneficial for students of different religions. The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution 55-47 denounces Missouri Senate Bill No. 39, which would prohibit religious organizations or clergy members from being punished for refusing to cater to LGBTQ individuals. The resolution passed with two abstentions.

Act 55-45 went through its first reading. This act creates a formalized process for Senate to remove justices from MSA’s legislative branch.

Joint session will be held at 7 p.m. April 26 in Lafferre Hall.

Twenty-eight senators were in attendance.

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