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Sunday, October 22, 2017
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MSA Senate passes revised removal process for chief justice

MSA Senate passed amendments to its bylaws to clarify the removal process for the chief justice and two other acts during the April 27 full Senate.

Act 55-45 amends the Missouri Students Association bylaws to give a more clear removal procedure for the chief justice. The act comes after controversy over current Chief Justice Whitney Barr’s absence, who has been in interning in Washington, D.C., this semester. It passed unanimously.

Operations Chairman Josh Tennison said the committee is still looking into the removal of Barr, but said she would not be back this semester. He said the committee plans to discuss her potential removal in next Tuesday’s committee meeting. Operations will decide who will become chief justice in the event of her removal.

Act 55-41 would limit the number of subcommittees that the speaker could assign to pieces of legislation. Previously, the speaker could assign as many committees to review the legislation as he or she wanted. It passed with one abstention.

Act 55-46 allocated the remainder of MSA’s Travel Pool budget to allow MSA to travel to the SEC Exchange. It passed with one abstention.

Thirty-two senators were in attendance.

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