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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Political updates from Columbia, Jeff City and Washington by The Maneater's political reporters.

Columbia representatives find their committee assignments

The Columbia delegration to the Missouri House of Representatives received their committee assignments this week.

Chris Kelly, a Democrat from the 24th House District, will serve on the Budget Committee, on which his Republican predecessor, Ed Robb, served during his tenure. This committee definitely has some clout — it is responsible for filing all of the approriations bill for the coming fiscal year. He is one of 13 Democrats on the 29-member committee, which also includes area Rep. Steve Hobbs, R-Mexico.  Kelly wiil also serve on the Elections and Ethics Committees, as well as the Special Committee on Emerging Issues in AnimaL Agriculture.

Mary Still, a Democrat representing the 25th House District, which encompasses MU, will serve on the Higher Education Committee. As a former spokeswoman for the university, Still might have MU's best interests at heart. She will also serve on the Ways and Means Committee, which concerns itself with state tax laws, and the Special Committee on Health Insurance.

Stephen Webber, a Democrat from the 23rd District, will serve on the Homeland Security Committee and the Special Committee on Workforce Development and Workplace Security. As reported here a few posts back, Webber will also serve on the Rules Committee.

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May 26, 2013 at 1:37 a.m.

Mary: Still looking forward to Tim White to chase a banker via the courts forcing men and women into foreclosures as opposed to some hapless dupe sleeping in his truck on his lunch split.

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