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Friday, October 20, 2017
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Maneater Bracketology: Tigers back to a 7-seed

After a great week, the Tigers are back up to a No. 7 seed. It helps, too, that it was BracketBusters weekend in college hoops, when some potential bubble teams got a chance to expand their tournament resumes.

This actually benefits larger schools such as Missouri, because it further weakens the bubble. And this year, though there are teams of which you could debate the merit of joining the field of 65, the bubble seems weaker than ever. I had a hard time picking my first four teams out, and a 15-11 Connecticut team just about made it.

That being said, this field should provide a pretty exciting tournament in which we could see a return to upsets that we haven't seen for two years. (Four No. 1 seeds in the Final Four? Really?)

Speaking of my Final Four, though, Kansas and Kentucky continue to show up every week. After that, it's a little fuzzy. Standings-wise, I've got Michigan State and Purdue taking the trip, but I'd put Villanova in over MSU at this point. Here's the bracket:

MIDWEST (St. Louis)

Oklahoma City: 1. Kansas vs. 16. Campbell/Jackson State; 8. Cornell vs. 9. Illinois

Providence: 4. Vanderbilt vs. 13. Murray State; 5. Temple vs. 12. Siena

Spokane: 3. New Mexico vs. 14. North Texas; 6. Wisconsin vs. 11. UTEP

Providence: 2. West Virginia vs. 15. Lehigh; 7. Maryland vs. 10. Oklahoma State

EAST (Syracuse)

New Orleans: 1. Kentucky vs. 16. Morgan State; 8. Baylor vs. 9. Florida State

San Jose: 4. Butler vs. 13. St. Mary's; 5. Wake Forest vs. 12. Marquette

Buffalo: 3. Michigan State vs. 14. Sam Houston State; 6. Louisville vs. 11. Old Dominion

Jacksonville: 2. Duke vs. 15. Coastal Carolina; 7. Missouri vs. 10. Dayton

SOUTH (Houston)

Oklahoma City: 1. Syracuse vs. 16. Robert Morris; 8. Clemson vs. 9. Rhode Island

Spokane: 4. Pittsburgh vs. 13. Northeastern; 5. Gonzaga vs. 12. UAB

New Orleans: 3. Ohio State vs. 14. Wofford; 6. Northern Iowa vs. 11. UNLV

Milwaukee: 2. Villanova vs. 15. Weber State; 7. Tennessee vs. 10. Virginia Tech

WEST (Salt Lake City)

Buffalo: 1. Purdue vs. 16. Stony Brook; 8. Texas vs. 9. California

San Jose: 4. BYU vs. 13. Akron; 5. Texas A&M vs. 12. Florida

Jacksonville: 3. Georgetown vs. 14. Oakland; 6. Richmond vs. 11. Georgia Tech

Milwaukee: 2. Kansas State vs. 15. UCSB; 7. Xavier vs. 10. Utah State

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Entry comments

Feb. 25, 2010 at 1:43 p.m.

Mycoskie: Something else to consider: Conference opponents can not meet until the regional final. So, Texas can not be the 8 seed in the same region where Texas A&M is the 5 seed, as that would line them up to potentially play in the regional semi-final. Same is the case for Syracuse as the 1 and Pitt as the 4.

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