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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Maneater Bracketology: Tigers stuck at a 7-seed

Missouri came oh-so-close to moving up to perhaps a No. 5 seed if it had won at Kansas State this weekend. But without that victory, the Tigers remain at a No. 7 seed, where they've been in most of the brackets we've published.

Likewise, the bracket has become fairly stagnant. I swapped Mississippi State with Charlotte to put the Bulldogs in the bracket, and Rhode Island is out as well for Notre Dame. I think The Atlantic-10 and Big East are the conferences to watch right now, because they offer a good number of bubble teams.

Despite both going down Saturday, Kansas and Kentucky remain most likely to take the Final Four trip to Indianapolis with six votes each. Statistically, Michigan State, Purdue and Villanova each have three votes, but I'd trade all three to put in two conference leaders I've finally gotten a chance to watch and now must take seriously: Syracuse and Ohio State.

Here's my bracket:

SOUTH (Houston)

Oklahoma City: 1. Syracuse vs. 16. Jackson State/Lipscomb; 8. California vs. 9. Texas

Spokane: 4. Pittsburgh vs. 13. Dayton; 5. Gonzaga vs. 12. UAB

New Orleans: 3. Villanova vs. 14. Sam Houston State; 6. Xavier vs. 11. Virginia Tech

Milwaukee: 2. New Mexico vs. 15. Morgan State; 7. Baylor vs. 10. Florida

MIDWEST (St. Louis)

Oklahoma City: 1. Kansas vs. 16. Quinnipiac; 8. UTEP vs. 9. Georgia Tech

Providence: 4. Temple vs. 13. Siena; 5. Wisconsin vs. 12. Notre Dame

Spokane: 3. Ohio State vs. 14. Oakland; 6. Maryland vs. 11. Old Dominion

Providence: 2. West Virginia vs. 15. Weber State; 7. Richmond vs. 10. Oklahoma State

EAST (Syracuse)

New Orleans: 1. Kentucky vs. 16. Lehigh; 8. Florida State vs. 9. UNLV

San Jose: 4. Butler vs. 13. Murray State; 5. Texas A&M vs. 12. Utah State

Buffalo: 3. Vanderbilt vs. 14. Coastal Carolina; 6. Georgetown vs. 11. Cornell

Jacksonville: 2. Purdue vs. 15. North Texas; 7. Missouri vs. 10. Clemson

WEST (Salt Lake City)

Buffalo: 1. Duke vs. 16. Stony Brook; 8. Northern Iowa vs. 9. Marquette

San Jose: 4. BYU vs. 13. Akron; 5. Tennessee vs. 12. Saint Mary's

Jacksonville: 3. Michigan State vs. 14. Wofford; 6. Louisville vs. 11. Mississippi State

Milwaukee: 2. Kansas State vs. 15. UCSB; 7. Richmond vs. 10. Illinois

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Entry comments

Feb. 28, 2010 at 6:29 p.m.

Mycoskie: Conference opponents can not meet until the regional finals. Teams get shifted to avoid this. For instance, in the South, Pittsburgh can't be #4 if Syracuse is #1, since that would line them up for a regional semi-final game. Perhaps trade Butler for Pittsburgh.

March 1, 2010 at 5:45 p.m.

Stephen: Mississippi State Bulldogs, not Rebels.

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