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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Maneater Bracketology: Missouri a No. 9 seed

Despite a blowout win at Colorado on Saturday, Missouri drops two seeds this week, in part because of their home win streak ending at the hands of Texas A&M, which rose to a 7-seed this week.

Overall, I have seven Big 12 teams, which is becoming a pretty standard count. Kansas is the overall No. 1 seed and Kansas State is a 2-seed. Texas, since becoming the overall No. 1, has lost four games and falls to a 3-seed. Baylor is an 8-seed, and Oklahoma State holds onto a bid at No. 11.

A couple movers and shakers: Watch out for Mountain West-leading UNLV (a 4-seed this week) and Atlantic-10-leading Charlotte (a No. 7), while Clemson and Ole Miss are both falling.

And before I get to this week's bracket, here's my Final Four countdown. For an explanation of that, see last week's post. Three teams have stood out as tournament contenders: Kansas, Michigan State and Kentucky. Then I have a bunch of teams I've put in my Final Four just once: Texas, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Villanova, Syracuse and BYU.

Here's the bracket:

MIDWEST (St. Louis)

Oklahoma City: 1. Kansas vs. 16. Arkansas State/Jackson State; 8. UAB vs. 9. California

Providence: 4. Tennessee vs. 13. Northeastern; 5. New Mexico vs. 12. Marquette

Spokane: 3. Purdue vs. 14. Pacific; 6. Butler vs. 11. Utah State

Providence: 2. Georgetown vs. 15. Lehigh; 7. Charlotte vs. 10. Siena

SOUTH (Houston)

Oklahoma City: 1. Syracuse vs. 16. Robert Morris; 8. Baylor vs. 9. Clemson

Spokane: 4. Pittsburgh vs. 13. UTEP; 5. Gonzaga vs. 12. Wichita State

New Orleans: 3. Michigan State vs. 14. Oakland; 6. Vanderbilt vs. 11. Maryland

Milwaukee: 2. Kansas State vs. 15. Morgan State; 7. Rhode Island vs. 10. Louisville

EAST (Syracuse)

New Orleans: 1. Kentucky vs. 16. Jacksonville; 8. Florida State vs. 9. Cornell

San Jose: 4. BYU vs. 13. Kent State; 5. Wake Forest vs. 12. Old Dominion

Buffalo: 3. Wisconsin vs. 14. Murray State; 6. Temple vs. 11. Oklahoma State

Jacksonville: 2. Duke vs. 15. Coastal Carolina; 7. Texas A&M vs. 10. Richmond

WEST (Salt Lake City)

Buffalo: 1. Villanova vs. 16. Stony Brook; 8. St. Mary's vs. 9. Missouri

San Jose: 4. UNLV vs. 13. Sam Houston State; 5. Northern Iowa vs. 12. Connecticut

Jacksonville: 3. Texas vs. 14. Charleston; 6. Ohio State vs. 11. Ole Miss

Milwaukee: 2. West Virginia vs. 15. Weber State; 7. Georgia Tech vs. 10. Illinois

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