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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Entrants near victory in Maneater Madness

With just three games remaining, the students who entered their NCAA brackets into the Maneater Madness tournament have been whittled down to just a few remaining potential winners.

Remember, The Maneater offers two prizes: A $50 Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate to the first place winner and a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate to the person in second place. You can see full standings of user brackets here and staff brackets here.

But with so few matchups and potential outcomes left, I've down the math and have seen who's left standing. That being said, let's take a look at the remaining eligible winners:

tdankmyer currently leads eligible contestants with 64 points. If Duke beats West Virginia tonight, he'll lock up the overall first place victory.

mizzousteeler is right behind him with 63 points. If West Virginia beats Duke, though, mizzousteeler will lead with 68 points.

kylemcdonald needs a little more help, as he as 60 points right now. But if West Virginia beats Duke and then wins the championship, he'll come from behind to finish with 71 total points and a first-place finish.

So there you have it — only three potential winners remain. Overall, members of The Maneater staff (who are ineligible to win the tournament) haven't done too poorly, either. Our business adviser, Becky Diehl, is actually the current leader and will finish first overall in all scenarios except West Virginia winning the title.

If Duke wins the title, Diehl will finish with an astounding 81 points and our City, State and Nation editor, Will Guldin, will finish third overall. If WVU beats Duke but loses in the championship, Diehl will still rank No. 1, and our managing editor, Mary Daly, will be tied for second overall.

So why does everything revolve around Duke/West Virginia and nothing hinges on Butler/Michigan State? Because so many people had Kansas winning it all, that side of the bracket is really a moot point right now. The bracket will likely be decided in tonight's national semifinal between the Blue Devils and the Mountaineers.

Good luck to the final potential winners. Oh, and as for picks — did you think I'd forget picks?

For any remaining confidence in my bracket, as well as rooting for the underdog, I would like to see Butler and West Virginia square off in the final. But I believe only half that duo makes it there, with Butler and Duke advancing. And as much as it pains me to pick the favorite, I think Duke cuts down the nets.

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