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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Take a look behind the scenes at The Maneater.

The Maneater spring 2012 editorial board

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Congratulations to The Maneater spring 2012 editorial board. The applicant pool was once again very competitive this semester, and we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who applied.

The new editorial board will begin training immediately and officially take over responsibilities beginning with the Dec. 9 issue.

Editor-in-Chief — Travis Cornejo

Managing Editor — Abby Spudich

Copy Chief — Kelsey Maffett

Copy Chief — Tony Puricelli

MOVE — Brandon Foster

Photography — Nick Ehrhard

Production Manager — Ashley Lane

Assistant Production Manager — Dana Schuermann

Graphics Assistant — Casey Purcella

University News — Hunter Woodall

Student Organizations — Kelly Olejnik

City, State and Nation — Allison Prang

Crime — Sally French

Projects — Kari Paul

Forum — Nassim Benchaabane

Arts and Entertainment — Sara Driscoll

Sports — Nate Atkins

Online Development — Ted Noelker

Multimedia — Joe Chee

Assistant Editor — Katie Yaeger

Assistant Editor — Molly Duffy

Hiring for online assistant, copy editors, columnists and cartoonists will begin later this fall.

We'd also like to express our thanks for the work all our departing editors have done this fall.

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