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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Week No. 3 update: Social media contest

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Once again, we're trailing behind. Let's make beating kU's newspaper one of our last acts in the Big 12 Conference. We're only 206 likes away from taking the lead on Facebook and 534 followers away from surpassing kU on Twitter.

Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Be sure to spread the word — bragging rights are at stake.

On Twitter:

@TheManeater | 4,428 followers

@ManeaterSports | 424 followers

For a grand total of 4,852 followers.

@UDK_News | 3,937 followers

@UDK_Sports | 318 followers

@UDK_Opinion | 1,131 followers

For a grand total of 5,386 followers.

On Facebook:

The Maneater | 1,837 likes

Maneater Sports | 167 likes

For a grand total of 2,004 likes.

The University Daily Kansan | 2,120 likes

UDK Sports | 90 likes

For a grand total of 2,210 likes.

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