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Thursday, October 19, 2017
Take a look behind the scenes at The Maneater.

Announcing The Maneater's 2017-18 Editorial Board

Congratulations to our new Editorial Board members for 2017-18! We look forward to a great year.

Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Cheyne

Production Coordinator: Cassie Allen

News Copy Chiefs: Sam Nelson, Anna Sirianni

Sports Copy Chief: David Reynolds

Visual Director: Lane Burdette

Online Development Editor: Michael Smith

Social Media Manager: Kaelyn Sturgell

University News Editor: Zia Kelly

Student Politics Editor: Sarah Hallam

Campus Life Editor: Katherine Stevenson

MOVE Culture Editor: Libby Stanford

MOVE Angles Editor: Claire Colby

Opinion Editor: Hunter Gilbert

Sports Editor: Eli Lederman

Business Manager: Jake Chiarelli

Alumni Coordinator: Katie Rosso

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