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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Faculty Council discuss concerns with MUSOP, mandatory reporting policy

The Faculty Council discussed issues regarding the MU Strategic Operating Plan and Executive Order 41 during its Oct. 9 meeting.

Academic Affairs Committee Chairman Andre Ariew said an MUSOP evaluation committee was formed last academic year to address faculty appropriation needs.

He said, however, that Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin expressed concerns regarding the committee’s progress during one of its meetings.

“Loftin visited the committee this year and expressed specific concerns that the committee lack charge and he questioned the value of the committee altogether,” Ariew said.

Ariew said that Loftin suggested that the committee becomes more reactive, rather than formative, and conduct two written evaluations each year by an evaluations committee.

“Loftin also said the committee should be nimble and quick to respond, the timelines should be short,” Ariew said. “He also suggested a third charge, which is to have the evaluation committee help one specific issue which is figuring out the role of Mizzou Advantage in the broader MUSOP plan.”

Ariew also said there was a discussion about the composition of the committee and what it should be and Loftin considered the faculty council suggestion of adding more faculty representation to the committee.

Faculty Council Chairman Craig Roberts said Loftin’s ideas creates a more ample environment for change and improvement for faculty council.

“There’s this window of opportunity to affect change partly because of his thinking on the plan and partly because of the way he relates and appreciates faculty input,” he said.

Several Faculty Council members also expressed concerns regarding UM System Tim Wolfe’s Executive Order 41, which mandates all universities to report incidents of sexual misconduct.

Many council members were concerned that many of these mandatory reporters have yet to receive proper training needed to perform this task.

Psychology Department Chairman Dennis Miller said he wants to provide the General Council office with guidelines and suggestions on how to handle faculty-students relations regarding sexual assault.

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