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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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MU reviewing Blackboard

MU is currently considering whether to continue using Blackboard as a learning management system or replace it with a different product.

Technology Resource Director Danna Vessell said to Faculty Council on Tuesday that MU is currently spending over $1 million each year for licensing and maintaining its Blackboard system.

The council’s reaction to possibly changing to a new system was mixed. Some members expressed the desire for a more organized and user-friendly system, while others said they found Blackboard easy to work with.

The council also discussed a fact-finding committee to examine concerns raised by faculty regarding issues in the School of Medicine.

According to a Columbia Tribune report, Faculty Council created the committee in July.

Faculty Council chairman Craig Roberts said the committee was created to examine factors that have a negative effect on “the shared governance, research productivity … and work environment” within the school.

Members of the committee are: Management Professor Art Jago as chairman Professor of Biomedical Sciences Chery Heesch Satish Nair, professor of electrical and computer engineering Physics Professor Carlos Wexler

The council was also presented with a timeline for testing and remediating the radiation in Pickard Hall.

Gary Ward, vice chancellor for administrative services, said testing and decommissioning the building would cost at least $10 million and take between five and six years.

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