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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Issue: Maneater v. 79, Issue 28

Eat of the Week: Easy Cinnamon Rolls

There is nothing better than waking up to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls on a cold winter morning. Instead of buying them in a tin can at the store, you can make your own. Impress your family and friends this winter break with this super easy recipe. Ingredients: 1 ...

Ke$ha — Warrior: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Ke$ha avoids a sophomore slump in her rock-infused second album, Warrior. Though Warrior has a different sound than 2010’s electro-pop hit Animal, Ke$ha’s effective genre-mixing is unlikely to alienate her fans. Infectious lead single “Die Young” — which incorporates a catchy mix of pop, acoustic guitar and ...

"Killing Them Softly": 3.5 out of 5 stars

Andrew Dominik reaches a brilliant equilibrium of sick comedy and vulgar violence in his screenplay for “Killing Them Softly,” which is an adaptation of George Higgins’ novel "Cogan’s Trade." The composition and cinematography are absolutely exceptional, and the film is beautifully directed. The only lacking element in this film ...

Missouri Theatre hosts Missouri Symphony Conservatory Winter Concert

Missouri Theatre hosts Missouri Symphony Conservatory Winter Concert

The concert included the Children’s Chorus, Junior Strings and Chamber Players.

The Rolling Stones – _GRRR!_: 4 out of 5 stars

The Rolling Stones, who started their musical career in 1962, remain fierce with the release of their 50th anniversary compilation, GRRR! The album is available in multiple formats, including in 3 CDs with 50 songs, 4 CDs with 80 songs and vinyl. GRRR! includes recordings from the beginning of their ...

BACCHUS Network selects MU student as trustee

The BACCHUS Network only selects two students in the country.

Centers offer stress relief services for students preparing for finals

Centers offer stress relief services for students preparing for finals

The Wellness Resource Center has a massage chair for student use.

Drones to be used for KBIA coverage

MU received a $25,000 grant to expand journalism practices.

HIV victims’ memorial service held in McQuinn Atrium

There are 465 diagnosed cases of HIV in the area.

LBC Freshman Action Team plans for next semester

This semester, the team held academic and community service events.

Lecture discusses devastation in Pinhook after levee breach

Floodwaters swept away Pinhook homes without warning from the government.

MSA questions power of Student Conduct Committee

The two bills that sparked the debate are less controversial.

MU begins holiday season with chancellor’s holiday open house

MU begins holiday season with chancellor’s holiday open house

The residence took about two days to fully decorate.

MU’s newest claim to fame: its own insect species

MU’s newest claim to fame: its own insect species

The insect's scientific name is Aphis mizzou.

Operation Red Wreath to prevent fires in Columbia

Operation Red Wreath to prevent fires in Columbia

The department adopted the idea from the Joliet Fire Department in Illinois. 

Editorial: McCaskill deserves praise for wartime contracting legislation

Military spending is perhaps one of the most sacred institutions of the American federal government. Having more than doubled during the past decade with two wars and increased counterterrorism and security efforts, it has seemingly become something political leaders cannot touch without being ostracized. And though we cautiously trust our ...

Editorial: MSA should make Bike Share an auxiliary

This year, the Missouri Students Association has given students a new option for getting around campus. The Mizzou Bike Share program offers bicycle rental for no more than 24 hours for students to ride wherever they like, be it around campus, town or any of the Columbia area’s fantastic ...

Column: Profit versus prosperity: our nation’s real climate change dilemma

We’re students, not economists, but if you had to choose, do you think our global economy should serve as an instrument for short-term profit or one for long-term prosperity? Hopefully most of us would answer in the latter, recognizing a society’s long-term well-being has higher value than a ...

Column: Republicans need to declare ceasefire in War on Women

Does anyone remember when Rush Limbaugh labeled Sandra Fluke a slut? Does anyone remember when five males and zero females walked into the Republican hearing on birth control one month later? In April, an ABC News poll showed Barack Obama holding a 19-point edge over Mitt Romney among female voters ...

Column: Wikipedia needs students’ help to sustain independence

Let’s admit it. Where would we be without Wikipedia? Known as “the lifesaver” in terms of writing paper and “unscholarly” when referenced by professors, it is a universally viewed website among college students. We have been lectured on using the website with threats that the information might not be ...

High-speed pursuit results in cocaine arrest

Additional charges also contributed to the arrest.

McCaskill’s war contracting legislation passes in Senate

The amendment is the most extensive war contracting reform since World War II.

Missouri state employee salaries lowest in nation

On average, they are paid 15.6 percent less than comparable private-sector workers.

Nixon proposal could expand health care coverage through federal funding

An additional 300,000 Missourians would be covered under the proposal.

Report shows FastCAT sales don't cover costs yet

Report shows FastCAT sales don't cover costs yet

Only 582 passes have been sold.

Bradley, Waters victorious, but team falls short of first place in Vegas

The No. 7 Tigers fell just one point short of No. 5 Ohio State.

Eye shatters 3-point record in 82-71 win

Eye shatters 3-point record in 82-71 win

The sophomore guard scored 26 points against Tennessee-Martin.

Missouri remains unbeaten in Mizzou Arena

The Tigers bounced back from the Cancun Challenge with two victories at home.

With Dixon gone, Tigers move forward

With Dixon gone, Tigers move forward

Freshman guard Negus Webster-Chan is expected to fill Dixon's role.

Police Blotter

Three trespassing arrested on drug charges Police arrested Alexander Eisenschmied, Alex Stelter, and Taylor Worthington, all 18, near 1300 Rock Quarry Road early Friday morning. Police were investigating a vehicle parked in the city park’s parking lot after closing hours and found the individuals in the car, according to ...

Photos and graphics

At the end of the Chamber Players’ performance, Maestro Kirk Trevor shakes hands with violinist Mingu Kim as a symbol of thanking the entire orchestra. The Missouri Symphony Orchestra performed its winter concert Monday night at the Missouri Theatre.


Aphis Mizzou, an insect discovered in 2005, is unique to MU. Aphis Mizzou was officially declared a species this year.


The Residence on Francis Quadrangle hosts the annual Holiday Open House on Monday afternoon. The holiday decorations, which included five Christmas trees, took about two days to complete.


The Women's Center and Wellness Resource Center are working to de-stress students heading into finals week. The Wellness Resource Center is offering a massage chair, and the Women's Center is extending its hours.


The Magic Tree lights up the night for the 17th year in a row Thursday. The tree is located at Scott Boulevard and Chapel Hill Road.


Runners take off in the first 'Stache Dash 5K hosted by the Student Unions Program Board. A total of 109 runners participated in the event, which promoted awareness for prostate cancer.


Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes explains he is still hopeful about the success of the FastCAT Express buses at a City Council meeting Monday night. A report released at the meeting showed FastCAT Express pass sales are not covering the annual costs of the route.


Sophomore guard Morgan Eye keeps the ball away from a Chicago State defender last month at the Mizzou Arena. Eye dropped a record-breaking eight 3-pointers in the 82-71 win over Tennessee-Martin on Tuesday night.


The Columbia Fire Department decorates its station with Christmas lights for the annual Operation Red Wreath campaign. The changing of red lights to white symbolizes a holiday-related residential fire.

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