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Monday, October 16, 2017
Issue: Maneater v. 79, Issue 37

NCAA accuses Haith of wrongdoing at Miami

Basketball coach tied to NCAA’s investigation of “lack of institutional control” at Miami.

Tigers battle back, beat No. 5 Gators in thriller

Missouri is 82-4 at Mizzou Arena since 2008.

MU students join D.C. protest against KXL Pipeline

MU students join D.C. protest against KXL Pipeline

Ten MU students attended the “Forward on Climate" rally Sunday on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to protest the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The rally, hosted by environmental advocacy groups and the Sierra Club and human rights organization Hip-Hop Caucus, was held to convince ...

Slates focusing on sustainability, marketing in RHA presidential campaigns

With the RHA election less than 10 days away, here's a look at the slates and their platforms.

'Vagina' echoes in Jesse Auditorium for 12th annual Vagina Monologues

'Vagina' echoes in Jesse Auditorium for 12th annual Vagina Monologues

108 women gathered to perform various monologues Saturday night.

$2.7 million lawsuit targets police, prosecutor

The lawsuit involves two separate asset forfeiture cases.

'FAFSA Saturday' helps MU faculty, students fill out financial aid form

The event will take place from 12 to 5 p.m. Saturday in Strickland Hall.

Greek lip-synch competition for MS rocks The Blue Note

Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis hosted the first round on Monday night.

MU students, athletes create Harlem Shake videos

MU students, athletes create Harlem Shake videos

Two separate groups filmed their own versions of the viral sensation on campus.

MSA begins budget process

Beattie plans to work closely with the Budget Committee.

Police Blotter

Woman steals stock pot, attempts to return it Columbia Police Department officers were sent to the 415 Conley Rd. Walmart Supercenter after a Loss Prevention Officer reported a possible theft. Tashawna Jones tried to return a stock pot she stole earlier. After employees refused to let Jones return the item ...

MSA selects new committee chairs

Ben Vega and Alyssa Noce were elected to fill the positions.

City celebrates inaugural American Airlines flight

The first daily American Airlines flight to Chicago from Columbia took off Thursday.

House approves stricter voter ID legislation

House approves stricter voter ID legislation

Missouri currently does not require photo ID at polling places.

Kathleen Zellner files petition to appeal Ryan Ferguson case

The petition provides five instances supporting Erickson’s recantation.

'Click It Or Ticket' campaign to start in Jefferson City

Officers will try to save motorists’ lives with new campaign

Columbia man charged with murder in Ste. Genevieve

Curtis L. Smith’s hearing is set for March 5.

Sullivan, McDavid begin campaigning for April mayoral election

Sullivan, McDavid begin campaigning for April mayoral election

McDavid and Sullivan opposed each other in the 2010 municipal election.

Eat of the Week:  Chicken Caesar Pita

Eat of the Week: Chicken Caesar Pita

An unforgettable favorite, the chicken Caesar wrap is a fantastic step up from a bland chicken Caesar salad. Since the dining halls have begun stocking pita bread, I figured I might as well do my best to create the timeless wrap. Unfortunately, the best we can do is making it ...

MU kicks off Spirit Week with Trivia Night

MU kicks off Spirit Week with Trivia Night

The two-hour event asked questions in eight different categories.

NTT vote discussed at faculty meeting

Five faculty council members presented information on the upcoming non-tenure-track faculty vote at Tuesday's general faculty meeting. If passed, the vote would move forward a motion to change the definition of faculty to include NTT professionals, giving NTT faculty the right to vote on campus-wide issues. MU Institutional Research ...

Car crashes into Going Bonkers Family Fun Center

The Columbia Fire Department responded to a similar incident last month.

Groups ask council to rethink Providence Road plans

Groups ask council to rethink Providence Road plans

The Columbia Historic Preservation Commission recommended an alternative to the transportation project.

McCaskill supports Violence Against Women Act

McCaskill supports Violence Against Women Act

The senator spoke at the Boone County Courthouse.

Editorial: Fox News attack on MU religious tolerance is insulting

Did you know that, as a University of Missouri student, you are entitled to skip class and blow off any assigned work or exam whenever there is any sort of religious holiday, be it Christian, Jewish, Hindu, even Wiccan or pagan, without any sort of repercussion from your professors? We ...

Column: ‘Narco-culture’ deeply complicates Mexican drug conflict

Authorities won’t win Mexico’s war until they address media and culture.

Editorial: Voter ID legislation must be stopped to protect Missouri voters

It is no secret the American electoral system is imperfect. Voting is often inconvenient and needlessly bureaucratic. Its results can be skewed by partisan gerrymandering or butchered by poorly organized polls. There are many ways we can fix the numerous problems in the system in order to ensure a more ...

Column: Better sex requires more than Cosmo’s gimmicks

Sexual dissatisfaction can’t be solved by miracle advice or by women alone.

Column: Coping with the inevitable

From the Pope to Rubio, some things must change.

Column: Filibuster reform is desperately needed

Filibuster use in the Senate gets uglier and uglier, and it must be stopped.

Fourth annual Mizzou Idol sells out Missouri Theatre

Fourth annual Mizzou Idol sells out Missouri Theatre

This was the first year the competition allowed the audience to live-stream performances from the Internet.

‘House of Cards’: 5 out of 5

Featuring an ensemble cast including Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara, the Netflix-exclusive television series "House of Cards" explores the dark side of Washington politics and shows how much one man will do in his pursuit of revenge and ambition. House majority whip Frank Underwood (Spacey) was the president ...

‘Mama’: 3 out of 5 stars

The best part about “Mama,” Guillermo del Toro’s latest project, is that it succeeds where most horror movies fail miserably – acting. In fact, the character development and complex plot almost make you forget how predictable the movie really is. The plot (which by itself is creative and well-written) follows ...

My Bloody Valentine - m b v: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Twenty-two years ago, My Bloody Valentine’s last album, Loveless, spun freshly pressed in basements and broom closets of college radio stations. Flannel-clad, ponytail-wearing philosophy majors nodded their heads with silent approval as their phono-needles hissed to a blazing wall of sound. Now the new millennium has a shoegaze masterpiece ...

After early season road losses, Tigers face late-game struggles

After early season road losses, Tigers face late-game struggles

Going into Tuesday’s game against Florida, Missouri is 7-5 in SEC play.

Column: We need to let Robbie Rogers move on

Former Major League Soccer star publicly comes out, then retires.

No. 6 Tigers win twice, head to NWCA finals

Heavyweight Dom Bradley ended his career undefeated at Hearnes Center

 Tigers clean house in final home meet

Tigers clean house in final home meet

Chelsie Stevens broke the school record in the women's 60-meter dash.

Photos and graphics

Marrissanne Lewis-Thompson sings "Rolling in the Deep" on Friday night at the Missouri Theatre. Lewis-Thompson was named champion of Mizzou Idol.


MU students dance on the Francis Quadrangle on Saturday afternoon for a viral video known as the "Harlem Shake." Students dressed up in costumes and wore obscure decorations for the video.


Students gather to bring the Harlem Shake phenomenon to MU and the world of Youtube on Saturday afternoon at Tiger Plaza and the Columns. Caitlin Wood, Lauren Pope and Monica Derbes created a Facebook event to videotape a diverse group of students.


Mizzou Spirit Week kicked off with Mizzou Trivia on Monday night in The Shack. Trivia questions were taken from categories such as MU history and TV and film.


Susan Rayl performs in the skit "My Angry Vagina" during the Vagina Monologues on Saturday in Jesse Auditorium. More than 100 women performed in order to raise awareness for domestic sexual violence.


City Council members listen to a Columbia resident during a public comment session at Monday night's meeting. Residents attended the meeting to speak out about the current Phase 1 plan of the Providence Road project that includes the acquisition and removal of eight homes.


Reverend Lennox Yearwood sways with the crowd at the Forward on Climate rally Sunday in Washington, D.C. Yearwood was one of many speakers to attend the rally, including Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and economist Tom Steyer.


Mayor Bob McDavid listens to another council member during a City Council meeting. McDavid received 54.2 percent of the vote in his last election in 2010.


Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., voices her support of the Violence Against Women Act, speaking to the media Friday at Boone County Courthouse. The act passed the Senate and is awaiting a vote in the House of Representatives.


If passed, legislation would require voters in Missouri to present photo identification to participate in elections. Rep. Tony Dugger, R-Hartville, sponsored two bills necessitating the use of government-issused identification to vote.


The Tigers are 1-6 on the road against Southeastern Conference teams this season. In just more than two weeks, the Tigers have lost three games due to late-game collapses.


Senior Malcolm Pennix competes in the long jump during the Missouri Collegiate Challenge on Friday afternoon at the Hearnes Center. Pennix's 7.64m jump not only earned him the win, but also shattered the previous meet record for the event.


Senior Mike Larson celebrates a win at the Beauty and the Beast meet. The No. 6 Tigers will face seven other ranked teams in the National Duals Championship this weekend.

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