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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Welcome to our new home

  <span class="byline">By <a href="/staff/view/mike-tigas/">Mike Tigas</a>, Assistant Online Editor<br />
    <span class="date">Feb. 8, 2008</span>

If you're reading this, it worked! The new Maneater Web site is now live.

Although we've tried to make the transition as seamless as possible, we know that growing pains always exist in large projects like this. Photos from the previous site have not yet moved over to this one. Polls and podcasts are lacking their previous archives, as well.

However, the site is fully functional and (as far as we know) contains all of the article archives. Most bookmarks and old URLs to article pages should work, with the exception of some content within the past week.

Some new features you may be interested in:

For those who wish to follow some technical notes regarding the assembly of this Web site, I have created a series of writeups on my personal blog, and I will be expanding upon that information at length, once I'm done fixing bugs.

The site will be under constant improvement for the remainder of the semester, as bugs get fixed, features improve, and new ideas pop up. If you ever encounter any issues with this site: