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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Top five moments from the first MSA presidential debate

Nathan Willett said he does not support MSA’s resolution calling MU to divest from prison labor, and Tori Schafer said more information needs to be gathered before making a statement.

City council approves community policing resolution

The new initiative tasks a “diverse stakeholder group” with changing CPD culture to be more engaged with citizens, especially minorities.

Former MSA President Payton Head returns to MU

Head: “I see athletic Mizzou, I see black Mizzou, I see Greek Mizzou, I see black Greek Mizzou … I don’t see one Mizzou. What can I do to make it a place where we all feel included?”

New “Stand Your Ground” law cited as basis for Columbia shooting

Columbia resident Karl Henson was arrested last month after shooting a man in the back who tried to steal his cellphone, police say.

RHA presidential hopefuls reveal platforms

Voting opens March 1 and closes March 3.

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