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Friday, August 18, 2017

Column: The ‘angry black woman’ is a false stereotype

It’s an invalidation of humanity to prevent black women from expressing displeasure.

Column: We need to fuel discussion, not violence, amongst discord

right- and left-leaning groups clashed at Berkeley again, it is helping no one.

Column: American fashion is losing out by restricting men

The wonder of skirts is for everyone, not just women.

Column: Home defense shouldn’t be a polarizing topic

In the wake of a home invasion in Oklahoma resulting in the death of three burglars, some are questioning where the line should be drawn for home defense.

Letter to the Editor: Incidents of hate at MU yield a delayed, apathetic and insufficient response

Under-acknowledgment of injustice has never brought positive change, so why is the MU administration still responding to hate crimes via chain email?

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