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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Violence spurs MU freshman Razia Hutchins to start “I Am For Peace” movement in Chicago

The peace march drew 3,000 people in June in its third year.

MU jolted by LBC discrimination

MSA president Payton Head said the MU Police Department had dismissed his case, since his attackers’ actions were “preserved under freedom of speech.”

MU Athletics and student volunteers prepare for Homecoming game waste

More fans and a longer nighttime tailgate means waste yield may go up.

Vargas’ promise to return inspires MU undocumented students

“I will come to this university on my own dime and become involved with the undocumented students here,” Vargas said.

Chancellor announces campus-wide diversity and inclusion training

Loftin said students are the ultimate solution to changing campus climate in regards to racism and discrimination.

Tiaa Cref
Tiaa Cref
Tiaa Cref
Tiaa Cref