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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chuck Henson presents new diversity and inclusion initiatives to Faculty Council

New initiatives include meetings with students to discuss important issues in the UM System as well as a lecture series on black voices in Missouri and the First Amendment.

House committee votes to deny UM System a budget increase

Rep. Kip Kendrick: “The mentality of doing damage to the University of Missouri because my colleagues in Jefferson City are upset with the university makes absolutely no sense.”

UM System president talks progress, asks for patience in address to curators

Interim UM System President Mike Middleton: “A lot of people in groups blaming other people in groups for what our beloved university is facing. I can tell you it’s downright exhausting.”

Diversity requirement begins for new students, but is subject to change

Professor Joan Hermsen: “We want to see students engaging with the material and bringing their personal life experiences to the kinds of questions that are raised in courses.”

Freshman class most likely to protest in past 50 years, study finds

MU students have organized more than a dozen major protests this year.