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April 17, 2014

Column: Thoughts on pets

By Abigail Fisher

My dog died last week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other pets in my life.

April 16, 2014

Low MSA Senate retention sparks reform

By Elizabeth Loutfi

MSA Senate was at 38 percent capacity April 9.

Web Exclusive: Capitol wrap-up: Week of April 13

By Joe Clougher

Nixon cuts $22 million from education budget Gov. Jay Nixon last week announced that he’ll be forced to cut ...

Collegiate Housing Partners begins construction, The Opus Group stalled

By Maggie Stanwood

A petition to reject a housing development now heads to the city clerk.

State Historical Society of Missouri to receive new home

By Joe Clougher

Ellis Library stores 0.5 percent of the society’s collection.

Former MSA Budget Committee chairwoman becomes new SFRC chair

By Elizabeth Loutfi

Catalano has been on SFRC since her freshman year.

Column: Despite ad campaign, Dove doesn’t care about ‘real’ beauty

By Elise Moser

The beauty brand is just trying to sell products.

Letter to the Editor: HB 1613 insults a woman’s decision

By Emma Bagnardi

The bill will triple the waiting period for an abortion.

Editorial: It’s too early to commend Mizzou Athletics

Dismissing Green-Beckham was a good choice, but there’s more to be done.

Column: Mizzou Athletics and its culture of silence

By Martenzie Johnson

Suspension usually precedes dismissal, but only once the news hits front pages.

Column: MU has many LGBT pride points, still room to improve

By Shannon Greenwood

Shane’s story and Stand with Sam were steps in the right direction.

Column: Who’s really to blame for hip-hop’s rape culture?

By Jack Flemming

Our buying habits say we, the consumer, are at fault.

Web Exclusive: New BEC handbook hopes to encourage competition through less regulation

By Covey Eonyak Son

MSA Senate will vote on the BEC Handbook on May 9.

RHA looks into laundry problems

By Fan Feng

Survey shows 57 percent of students are not satisfied with laundry in the residence halls.

Web Exclusive: Ambiguity surrounding Grain Belt Express fuels opposition, skepticism across Missouri

By Covey Eonyak Son

Commissioners in five of the eight counties along Clean Line’s proposed route have rescinded support for the Grain Belt Express.

Life Sciences Week celebrates MU’s research diversity

By Daniela Sirtori Cortina

The poster session became so large that it had to be split into two days, Booker said.

April 15, 2014

Green-Beckham, Price dismissals the right choice

By Nick Yahl

Integrity is more important than wins.

Pinkel patches offense’s holes

Pinkel patches offense’s holes

By Matt Muenzberg

Missouri football regroups before the Black & Gold Spring Game on Saturday.

Spanish teacher once played in world tennis tournaments

By Sam Weiger

Helena Besovic once was a tennis star herself for Bosnia and played in the Fed Cup.

Stepping up: Genovese improves to lead team

By Danielle Lerner

The junior infielder boosted her average over 80 points.