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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Oct. 1, 2014
Deceased AGR brother honored at candlelight vigil

Deceased AGR brother honored at candlelight vigil

By Annabel Ames

Cale Boedeker, a sophomore and Alpha Gamma Rho member, died Monday night.

Renovations to hopefully improve East Campus issues

By Ruth Serven

The proposals include a barrier and disabled accessible crosswalks.

Cosmo-Bethel Park to undergo renovations

Cosmo-Bethel Park to undergo renovations

By Rachel Foster-Gimbel

The project will cost about $150,000.

Missouri career-training programs receive $2 million grant

By Ann Marion

Missouri will use the grant to expand educational program and career training.

Missouri may require high school students take citizenship test

By Ruth Serven

35 percent of Americans polled could not name all three branches of government.

Sept. 30, 2014

Professor sues MU officials over denial of tenure

By Annabel Ames

Kesler claims he was never provided a reason for the decision, despite multiple requests.

Student found dead at Alpha Gamma Rho

By Covey Eonyak Son

Authorities said there are no signs of foul play.

Sophomore among two suspects arrested in Aspen Heights shooting

By Paige Lalain

Leonard Jordan and MU sophomore Christopher Herron were arrested Sept. 27.

MU committee considering options to replace Blackboard

By Isabella Alves

New learning management systems pose new options for MU that may end its relationship with Blackboard.

Traveling exhibit on Lincoln, Civil War comes to MU Law Library

By Esther Seawell

The exhibit will include presentations and events through Oct. 31.

Column: Cheap dates are good dates

By Benjamin Brown

You can still have an enjoyable date without going broke.

Column: Don’t be scared of the ‘F-word’

By Jordan McFarland

Gender inequality in the United States has become an increasingly problematic issue, and it’s time that we do something about it.

Column: How a comedy about abortion changes everything

By Edna Smith

Score one for a fresh perspective on sex ed’s most judged topic

Column: Missouri’s fight for equality

By Lily Cusack

It’s time for Missouri to legalize same-sex marriage

Column: News, coffee and an apology

By Nina Ruhe

With major issues to consider in our world today, it’s sad to see news outlets reporting on, well, “Latte Salutes.”

Letter to the Editor: Step it up, Plaza 900

By Georgianna Victor

Seriously, how hard is making decent food?

Editorial: Students need better representation in City Council

We may not be able to stop the College Avenue wall now, but students must be heard at City Hall.

2014 Homecoming royalty selection underway

By Rachel Phillips

Less than a month remains before MU’s 2014 celebration.

‘Beards for Boobs’ begins MU chapter

By Faith Salamon

The organization has been recognized as a top breast cancer fundraiser.

Footbag more than a hobby for ‘Hacky Sack Man’

By Emma Diltz

Derrick Fogle has been frequenting Speakers Circle for 20 years.