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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Columbia police blotter

Feb. 11, 2000

Police arrested Demarco Shantez Bush, 21, of 3708 Greeley Drive at the Columbia Police Department on Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of deceiving a police officer.

Police arrested Francina Contessa Whitley, 20, of Marshall on suspicion of stealing from McDonald's, 415 N. Stadium Blvd., on Tuesday afternoon.

Police arrested Joshua M. Kelsey, 21, of 4812 E. Meadow Clark Lane on suspicion of a probation violation at the intersection of Business Loop 70 West and Sexton Road on Tuesday evening.

Police arrested Michael James Hedlund, 20, of 2210 Whitegate Drive at the Columbia Police Department on suspicion of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia Tuesday night.

Police arrested Damien August Patterson, 21, of 1005 Park De Ville Place on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and fleeing the scene at the intersection of Ammonette Street and Paris Road early Wednesday.

Police arrested Cal E. Peterson Jr., 22, of St. Louis on suspicion of forgery at Gerbes grocery store, 1729 W. Broadway, on Wednesday evening. Peterson had been trying to cash a fake check at Gerbes, according to police reports.

Police arrested Colin F. McGrath, 19, of 301 Campusview Drive, College Park Apartments, at his residence on suspicion of disturbing the peace early Wednesday. The manager of the apartments had complained about loud noise.

Columbia police arrested Calvin Lamar Drone, 17, of 2600 Whitegate Drive on suspicion of his involvement in a shooting that occurred on Feb. 6 at his residence. A vehicle and a residence were damaged when at least two weapons were fired.

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