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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Campus group battles in Peace Park

Members of the Medieval Reenactment Society participated in a foot tournament in Peace Park.

May 6, 2005

For members of the Medieval Reenactment Society, it doesn't get much better than a weekly foot tournament in Peace Park.

The group, whose membership is restricted to MU students, is partnered with The Shire of Standing Stones, which is composed of Columbia residents. Both organizations are associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The groups meet several times a week for a variety of activities, including business meetings, period shooting at an archery range and an arts and science night.

Medieval Reenactment Society President Calvin Patten, who is a student at MU's College of Veterinary Medicine, said Monday meetings are often educational. Patten has been a member of the SCA for six years and joined the group while studying at Iowa State University.

"I just always really liked the medieval period," he said. "I saw guys up at Iowa swinging away at each other. That looked cool."

Wednesday afternoon's foot tournament in Peace Park featured members fighting while dressed in medieval battle gear from the time period.

"What we re-enact is what would be considered a 13th century foot tournament," Patten said. "Aside from the jousting, they did just do fighting tournaments where they started off on the ground."

Katherine Corey, minister of arts and sciences for The Shire of Standing Stones said the group has a specific mission.

"It's a society of hobbyists dedicated to re-creation of European history between 600 and 1600," Corey said.

She said though a member typically maintains one character role while in the society, members are serious about maintaining historical accuracy.

Corey said she became a member after learning about the program through her job.

"I used to teach in a gifted enrichment program, junior high level, and we did a renaissance festival for the school, and some of the people from the SCA group and the community came and put on a demo for us," she said. "Of course, the junior high kids just ate it up, but I got totally hooked. I started going to their meetings, and I never looked back."

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