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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sorority colony hosts iRush


Feb. 15, 2008

Gamma Rho Lambda sorority offered potential members a chance to learn more about the sorority and make new friends during iRush, its spring recruitment process.

Gamma Rho Lambda is playing host to its second week of rush events. The organization grew from its first rush week last semester.

“It was really nice,” Rush Chairwoman Kat Rieder said. “People have found their niche, what they like and what they haven’t been able to find anywhere else.”

The week began with a casual information meeting Monday. Rush events were open to all interested women and included bowling and games to help women get to know each other.

“We want them to be comfortable,” Rieder said.

Gamma Rho Lambda will have a bid lunch to invite the girls who the Alpha class has agreed will be a perfect fit for the sorority, she said.

“It’s really about having a safe place for people in general,” Rieder said.

Rieder said in a university the size of MU it is important for students to find a spot where they feel welcome, but traditional sororities are not necessarily always a good fit.

“We are very open and trying to get as many different girls as we can, but not everyone fits into a sorority,” President Ashley Price said. “We are really built on the basis of tolerance and advocating acceptance throughout the community.”

Price said the Multi-Cultural Greek Council, Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority and the LGBTQ Resource Center have helped Gamma Rho Lambda. By organizing a rush week, the sorority is looking to grow, she said.

Price said the sorority’s national headquarters wants MU’s chapter to prove itself by consistently expanding for three semesters as well as creating programs for community.

The progressive sorority is in its third semester as a colony at MU. They are looking to establish their own Delta chapter in the fall of 2008.

The group did just that this last semester, when they worked with the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Triangle Coalition as well as helped with the Day of Silence.

Gamma Rho Lambda has organized several events for this semester including a monthly service project, a philanthropy event benefiting the Girl Scouts in March, participation in Pride Prom and sending members to Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference in Illinois.

Spring rush can be challenging because most people have found groups they feel comfortable in during the first semester, Price said.

Gamma Rho Lambda relied on word of mouth to get to know some great women, Rieder said.

“Turn out has remained constant throughout the week, but we are more focused on getting to know the individuals in general, than how many we recruit,” she said.

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