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Friday, October 20, 2017

MySpace is good to Voegele

Courtesy of Myspace Records

April 4, 2008

Imagine you’re only 20 years old, yet you travel around the country in a giant red tour bus with your name in enormous lettering across its side. Then, when you’re not rocking out on the mic opening for John Mayer, Sheryl Crow or Hanson, you’re on a TV set next to K-Fed, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush.

This is reality for Kate Voegele.

She has always wanted to be a singer, but found most of the major labels unsympathetic to the wants of the artist. Luckily for her, Voegele found a label that reciprocated her love: MySpace Records.

“I’d been shopping around, just seeing all of the options,” Voegele said of the long, intimidating process she went through to get signed. “All the guys in the conference rooms looked at me like, ‘You better impress me.’ I felt like a product, and nobody cared about my album.”

Voegele was beginning to despair and decided music would have to wait and she should go back to school. She met a guy who really liked her sound, and just happened to know Tom from MySpace.

“Instead of calling my manager, Tom actually got on MySpace and messaged me, asking whether or not I’d been signed yet,” Voegele said.

She was in shock by the inquiry. She thought that it had to be a joke of some sort, because no way would The Tom actually send her a personalized message on his own site.

“I thought it was a mass message or something, but I replied just in case it was real,” Voegele said.

It’s lucky she did, because it was no joke. MySpace flew her out to Los Angeles to perform a showcase.

“Tom does exist,” Voegele said. “He’s cool, friendly and interested in what I want to do. To find a label that cares about the artist’s opinion is awesome.”

So she left school for an online course instead and hit the road to tour. It’s really exciting and a little overwhelming for her, she said.

“We have a tour bus that has my name all over it in bright red, like, 3,000 size font,” she said, enthusiastically.

She said people yell her name when they see her and that signing with this label has made her life take a 180-degree turn, but she’s loving it.

As if her life couldn’t get any luckier, her manager approached her with an offer to audition for The CW’s teen drama “One Tree Hill.”

“It was really random when my manager called me about it,” Voegele said. “I’d never done an audition before, but I humored her.”

It turned out to be a traditional casting call, and she was just one of many trying out for the character, which was a girl who wanted to be a singer but was in the shadow of the band’s singer, K-Fed.

“It was so crazy, reading lines and singing a song,” Voegele said. “The creator of the show told me that I could do this for a living. I had to work for it and go against more experienced people, so I felt accomplished after I got the part.”

Though lots of singers turn into actors, Voegele has no plans to give up singing.

“Music is my main gig, and always will be,” she said. “Acting is fun, but right now I’m 100 percent into my record.”

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