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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Column: McCain-Palin ready to lead

Marcus Bowen

Sept. 9, 2008

Corrected 09/09/2008 at 6:28 p.m. The Sept. 9 Maneater column "McCain-Palin ready to lead" contained an error that misrepresented columnist Marcus Bowen. He intended to write that vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin stood up "to" oil companies. The Maneater regrets the error.

If you had surgery tomorrow, would you hire a surgeon who hoped to get it right? Would you hire your surgeon just because they stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night? No, of course you wouldn't. The comparison between John McCain and Barack Obama brings out one stark difference: Experience.

I don't often find myself in agreement with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, but these senators were right when they said that Obama shows no readiness to lead. Obama has the experience of 140 working days in the U.S. Senate while McCain has the experience of more than 50 years of selfless service to the United States. McCain understands the value of service to a cause greater than self, while Obama has spent his entire term in the senate running for president or signing books. McCain risked his political career to support a new strategy in Iraq. Obama snubbed injured veterans at Landstuhl Hospital because he needed to give an international political speech. McCain decisively criticized Russian leaders who invaded a sovereign democracy. Obama took three days and 300 advisors to make his decision. The comparison between these two candidates provides only one option for Americans who want low taxes, strong leadership and a secure America.

Just a week or so ago, McCain choose his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin is an experienced executive and devoted mother. As the current governor of Alaska, the Republican Party has marketed her as an executive with more experience than Obama and Biden combined. This line of political marketing is true: Obama is a former community organizer and Biden has been a senator since 1973.

The original maverick has chosen another true reformer to accompany him in his quest to change the city that has changed so many politicians. This past week, McCain put the traditional Washington crowd on notice - a change is coming. Sarah Palin stood up to the oil companies and fought against corruption in her own party. She blew the whistle on corruption, resulting in a $12,000 fine for the chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. In the 2006 primary, she took on the sitting Republican governor and won. This lady has a history of going against insurmountable odds and winning every fight. Just like John McCain, she is a straight talker and a true maverick. The men and women of this country would be right by themselves to make Sarah our next vice president.

The McCain-Palin ticket represents the experience of military and executive leadership. McCain is well known as a maverick - a man that you might not always agree with, but one who will never just tell you what you want to hear. He is experienced, honest and ready to lead. I am voting for John McCain because I don't want to choose a president by who has just stayed a Holiday Inn Express last night.

 Marcus Bowen is the former vice chairman of the MU College Republicans and now serves on the Jackson County Republican Committee 


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